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Check! Will use vinegar & deodorant when I get off work this morning.
Underneath my boobs are smelly & hot. And the skin feels kinda funny. Like it's moist but it's not (like bologna). I'm not due to see my doc till Friday. I was thinking about just rubbing some monistat under by boobs. I have a cousin with H-U-G-E breasts and she's always had issues with "something" growing up under them & rashes & such. She uses monistat under her boobs to keep infections & rashes away.
Quote: Originally Posted by blessed So Miss B starts going on about how inappropriate dd is (in front of dd, remember), and how she has no idea where dd could have possibly picked up on such language because "we certainly don't talk that way here, Mr. blessed! We asked dd to tell us who taught her that, but she refused!" : Around this time dh looks down at the paper, and he sees that it is signed by the preschool director on one line and 'signed' by...
Prepare to be grossed out................. I think all mammals know how to get to a nipple. I used to keep pet rats and I allowed them to be free in my room. They had the closet & their own little corner and they would stay there. Well at night those heathens would crawl into bed with me and I've had my nipple nibbled many times. : They wouldn't go after any other body part but my nipples. : I got a cage after that.
Since there is so much going on on this board.................... Quote: Originally Posted by mika85 does anyone watch "the view"?? i don't, but i saw them making fun of this on "the soup". if you haven't seen this, by golly, you are in for a treat! rosie says, and she knows this to be true because she has four kids of her own and a doctor told her this, that to get rid of diaper rash, you let the baby hang out with a litter of puppies,...
I feel it too.
I'm jealous! I want to grow a pineapple. It seems cool. I found this page on growing pineapples. http://wierdling.longboys.net/images...ineapples.html
Was he looking at the right hole? Maybe it's a hemroid hanging out. J/k. I'm thinking maybe a vaginal cyst or a wart or a fleshy lip? Can vaginal lips grow during pregnancy?
I don't believe children should have access to the internet period.
Quote: Originally Posted by mishaj Hi all, Aidan and....? Nadia is Aidan spelled backwards. That is cool.
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