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Quote: Originally Posted by sunshinestarr from Building Block "Well, I was reviewing the text of this act, and I was wondering, if I get convicted of possessing a marijuana cigarette, does this mean I will lose all my federal financial aid to go to college?" Only if your're dumb enough to plead guilty to a felony! :
Quote: Originally Posted by poxybat i can understand selling wic formula, ive done it before. it was a sell or starve situation in my case, but i dont see alot wrong with doing it for spending money. I'm another that all about the hustle.
*stupid question* After you have the baby and are still in the hospital, how will they stop you from BF? Will they like......snatch the baby from you or something?
Yes, we are supposed to eat all meat cooked well done. I'm not even going to talk about how I eat my bacon.
I sleep on my sides but I do worry about how I roll over at night. I roll across my belly instead of my back.
All but the liver & beer. My friend who is 2 weeks behind me consumes the beer. : I'm sorry but I'm having hard cravings for beef and I just have to have my steak medium. I need to feel the meat juices. And the sushi bar that I frequent is under new management and they give you huge slices of fish! 1 piece of yellow tail fits across my hand; and I have very big hands. I also have a craving for liver but I'm reading conflicting info on it's safety. I read...
Sorry if I'm moving back into the 1800's. I'm thinking about the possibilty of using cloth diapers during my off week (I work 7on/7off) to save money. Then I thought about how to clean them. There are no diapering services her in my city so they would have to be washed, which would used electricty & water. So there goes the thought of saving money. But then I thought about using a washboard. I bet they would come out cleaner by hand anyway. I my folks used a...
Quote: I was SHOCKED to see a giant breast on the cover of your magazine. Uh, what? I see giant boobs on magazines all the time. Quote: I don't want my son or husband to accidentally see a breast they didn't want to see. Like there's ever a time a man doesn't want to see a boob.
I'm 16weeks and I don't even look pregnant! I guess it's hiding under all the meat. I'll post mine tomorrow.
Yes, I have worms. (For the sake of y'alls comfort I'll call them parasites for the rest of this post) I passed what I thought was something on Sat. and I for sure saw one on Tues. I remember having parasites all the time when I was little. I gues that was because we lived in the woods and didn't have a bathroom. (No, I not from a 3rd world country and I'm not old, my family was just poor ) I had parasites in college back in 04. I guess you could say I had...
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