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http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/story?se...lth&id=4151268 For some reason this was on my mind. I keep reading about sites were women advertise their own milk for sell but I can't seem to find one. The only sites I can find is the milk banks and they take donations. I'm not against donation but for the price they are selling it for I could put some of that in my own pocket. ETA: You know, you can spin the wording on this subject. "I don't sell breast milk, I'm...
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Are the rules supposed to change about being naked in the house when you have kids. I'm a firm believer of no clothes in the house. I can't be comfortable in the house with clothes on. I hate to even put on clothes to answer the door. My friends will call to borrow bread, juice, etc. and I will tell them that the door is open and I'm naked and I ain't puting on any clothes. I guess I was raised to understand that there is nothing wrong with being naked. I remember in...
Yeah, I saw a short video clip of an epsiotomy being done. They cut the woman sideways toward her thigh. That was NOT kosher! So am I supposed to be doing kegals or something to prepare my muscles & stuff down there?
First of all, I don't cry for any reason. I had my first OB visit on the 9th. They went ahead and did an sonogram just to be sure how many weeks I was. They turned the monitor around and showed me the baby. Then they pointed at this little light that kept flickering on the monitor. The tech said "see this light flickering, that the baby's heartbeat". I burst out crying. Matter of fact I cried for an entire hour afterwards. I don't know why I was crying.
Is there anyone here that will be refusing an epsiotomy? I've never had a kid before an the thought of being cut from the cooter to the tooter is not appealing. I heard that doctors do this to speed things up & that tearing naturally heals better.
I know of women who breastfeed & get formula on WIC and sell it.
I really can't discribe what I felt. 2 weeks before I took the pregancy test I felt a presence. It's like you feel it's there but you don't know it.
Yes........those are alot of happy smilies.
I was searching for information on phenergan for morning sickness and found this very cool forum. I'm a 23yr old single chick and uh...........I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I'll save the details of my pitiful story (we were just fooling around, he moved to GA before I found out I was pregnant, he called and I told him, he's ok with this, turns out that he's married and is wanted for child support in my state ) Anyway, all is well (mentally) and I'm very optimistic about...
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