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Astrid....dragon fighter  
I love this recipe from The New Farm cookbook: http://ecovegan.blogspot.com/2008/02...ie-recipe.html
Thanks everyone for you comments. As much as it PAINS me to use disposables, I think I am going to get some for this trip. I still may bring some of my cloth though. Now....what kind of disposables are eco-friendly? I know Seventh Generation are chlorine-free, but is there anything that is more biodegradable and safe for the tushies. Thanks for the help here. Patty
I am hoping some of you can help me make a decision here. I am going on a trip to Mexico at the end of December for 5 days. I will be flying and staying at an all-inclusive. My problem is what to do about diapering. My babe is 19 months and I have cloth diapered her from the beginning, so we have a decent stash but not enough to cover the whole 5 days. I tried G-diapers at one point in the very beginning, but had blow-outs and wasn't happy with them. A part of...
I think the homemade ones are the best! I got some from www.llamajama.com that are adorable. I am also having one made from a lady on www.etsy.com She is doing a pink skull and crossbone soaker/shirt for me. I am so excited. I am also knitting one right now off of a free pattern I found on the internet. I use prefold under my wool soakers too. I use a snappi to keep them in place. I also bought wool pants that I use in the winter at night. I thought wool...
Hi everyone, I am looking for a yummy, mild marinade. My babe loves baked tofu, but she doesn't like the spicy marinades that I find on the shelf. Anyone have a favorite marinade recipe that they could pass on to me. Thanks, Patty
A friend of mine (who has raised 4 kids) said that I should just ignore the behavior at this stage. My husband has been doing that, when she bites him in the chest. Later on, when they are a little bit older then can rationalize that biting does indeed hurt, rather than it gets them some freedom from their mama.
I am going on 13 months now and I still haven't gotten mine (I seriously don't mind). I heard that 14 months is average.
My little girl has been quite busy since she started walking. Occasionally when I take her hand to redirect her from getting into something, she will go to bite my hand. What do you think is the best way to respond to this? I have been telling her that biting hurts and letting go, but I think this might be the wrong approach at this age....I don't know. Any advice?
Quote: Originally Posted by Phantome I'm surprised no one has mentioned this, but is she in pain? Does she have a rash, or a little irritation in her folds? Yeast infection? Is the velcro or adhesive of the diaper sticking to her skin? Does the cream or wipes that you're using sting her skin? Maybe she gets some back pain when lying down? If not, maybe the standing or on-the-move changing will work for you. Good luck! -Phan Thanks everyone for...
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