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Those are really good comments. Pronouncing Kathe in English would not be such a problem, I guess. I personally don't like to give one name and then call the child something else. Kioko and Kiosk is a bit farfetched, I understand the Norito-Dorito point though. A bit like might friend Anna was often called Anna-Banana; there are always ways for making fun of a person. I have 2 middle names myself and it is doable. I have a very ordinary first name, at least I thought...
Hello, we are pregnant with our first and have been thinking about names. We live in the US, dh is Japanese and I am German. We are pretty set on our names, but I wanted to have your input, in regards of weiredness; I just don't have a very good handle on what is an acceptable name in the US, or Japan or my home country and what's too strange. For a girl we like: Käthe Kioko Gustave S. and for a boy: Gustav Norito ? S. We are still looking for a 2nd middle...
Thank you for your help! I will try to get an appointment at Warwick! It is really hard for me to reach people at Mary's office, I don't have a cellphone and I share an office and don't want to make personal phonecalls in front of co-workers. But I might just go into work a bit later than usual tomorrow.
We have bought organic compost at different nurseries. I would not use the town compost to plant vegetables. People put their garden dump including all the herbicides and pesticides they used on the lawn in that compost.
Angela, that's good to know. I don't need anything special. But I was called to schedule and ultrasound and was told to specify a place I would like to go to and was a bit at a loss. Thanks.
ultrasound. They can do blood work at her office (or send it out), but I need to find a place to get the ultrasounds done.
I am seeing Mary. I was told that I should come up with an external provider for u/s during prenatal care. Does anyone have any suggestions for someone I could go to?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lemon Juice Yes, Michelle works out of Memorial now with Mary Mumford-Hailey (from what I am told by Michelle is that they *hope* to work together doing homebirths in the future). Mary told me, that Michelle is trying to be her backup at Memorial. Btw mary is great She also mentioned she has an office in Newport, RI, besides the one in Riverside.
Hello, I am looking for recommendations for a midwife in the east bay, RI, PVD or Southeastern MA area. Any suggestions from you? Thanks, Merilin.
Quote: Originally Posted by kerrybennysmama I am worrying the same. I am just a little over 4 weeks, I think, and I am always poking at my boobs to see if they hurt. Mine hurt and are soar, similarly as if I have my PMS, and I already went from a 32B cup to a 32D! - not sure where that's going to end, if they keep growing at this rate... It calms me down to feel my soar boops and sometimes I poke them, just to make sure, they still hurt. I...
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