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I've been working through this book on my Kindle and just purchased a hard copy because I loved it so much! I'm going to put it in the bathroom for my DH to read It's the perfect topical bathroom reader.
So great to see you all taking part in the challenge! It will change your life...so don't give up! Sara www.happyfoody.com
Yes, lots for me too. I NEVER take OTC pain relievers, but I was poppin' the ibuprofen AND Tylenol every 6 hours for at least 4 days. They were extremely painful...and yes, similar to labor. Not so fun.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Rana I need to find my baby bjorn potty. I think it's in the garage.... With that other catch, I just held him over the toilet. But that requires some aiming with a boy. We've just been keeping the Bjorn in the living room where I sit all the time to nurse and GUESS WHAT?! We caught 2 pees and 2 poops today! I just thought I would try to catch it and it was such an amazing feeling when she went!! Yay! Daddy...
Not planning on going at all...we don't even have a doc we use right now, so it would be a total stranger. Not my idea of fun
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Rana I caught my first pee!!!! Yay for you!! I can't wait for that moment! We're doing EC with Lucy too. Tonight I knew she was going to poop, but didn't trust my instincts so I missed it. I kind of stopped her mid-poop and tried to put her on the Bjorn potty and she HATED it. She's only 3 days old...so I'm not being too hard on myself For those of you that are EC'ing...what are you using to go in? Bowl?...
Lucia Mae (pronounced "loo-CEE-ah") aka "Lucy" Born at home on May 29, 2009 2:59pm 8 lbs. 4 oz. 23.5 inches long It was an amazing, beautiful waterbirth...we are so filled will awe and love. Birth story and more photos to follow...not sure when There are a few photos here.
Quote: Originally Posted by gothnurse3 Also, I hate to be the party pooper here but I know of someone who did this on a rental then the landlord went up on the rent( after they didn't pay for ANY of the supplies/labor) because he figured he could get more money now that it was prettier. And it was gorgeous when they finished. BAD KARMA!!!! Anyway, I hope that never happens to anybody again. Just wanted you to consider this in your...
I would absolutely do it. We've done it twice...once with hardly any reimbursement from the landlord (see before and afters here), and the second time with full reimbursement including labor to paint every surface and put down all new flooring (see it here). You're improving their property for free, so it's a good deal for them. You could at least ask them for reimbursement for the supplies though...especially if nothing has been done for a long time, you could approach it...
Instead of the whole fruit, you could take the fruit and blend it into a green smoothie (banana, pineapple, peaches, spinach, orange, water)...the greens have lots of protein, and it's more bio-available than other forms. Add spirulina for an additional protein boost...or hemp protein powder. For more info, check out the green smoothie section of my blog.
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