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I would only use castor oil as a very last resort. I know that it works famously for some women. However, it can cause the baby to pass meconium, dehydrate the mother and make her extremely miserable. I wouldn't take it just because... Just some thoughts from a student midwife.
Voted flat as a pancake, but the top is starting to pop out. Turkey's not quite done yet. (Mine usually pops out at the very end.) 36 weeks here.
Fun stats zjande! I've totally been lurking! I'm having an uneventful pregnancy (thank God!) and not feeling much like typing. I do check in all the time though. Life is extremely crazy right now. We started homeschool last week, my dh started college yesterday (he's going full time and working part time) and we're trying to build a house. Oh yeah, and we're having a baby soon. Eek! I haven't redone my siggie yet, so for those of you who don't remember me, I'm...
My dh did 4 years active duty AirForce as Security Forces in the missile fields in Montana, 3 years as a Fire Fighter in the Air National Guard and works construction. He's starting school in a week to become an architect. We are both completely sick of the unpredictablity of construction. It's going to be crazy - he's doing full time school, working part time, we have a new baby coming, I'm in midwifery school, we homeschool the 4 kids and we're going to try and build a...
I'm a leftie, I don't hook and I never smudge my writing. I tilt my paper to the right. As far as teaching goes - I have no idea! My mom is left-handed also and she taught me to write - never had an issue. I'll be checking out the links though, my SIL has a leftie and was wondering about this the other day.
I have a child who put EVERYTHING in his mouth until he was around three. He ate more markers, sand, crayons, etc. etc. than I can count. Things I called PC for: 1. half a tube of fluoride toothpaste 2. Eucalyptus oil (yes, he put it in his mouth) 3. fertilizer from the neighbor's porch (he was also insanely fast) 4. rhubarb leaves 5. something else that I can't remember - must have blocked it out They have been extremely helpful and non-judgemental. BTW, he's almost 8...
Sent a request too - my initials are C B L and my profile pic is a belly shot. (I don't like to out myself on here )
Um, OP, I don't know where you live, but they sure as heck tax cigarettes here in NH. In the last 2 months the taxes increased $7 a carton. Your average pack of cigarettes costs $6.50 now. Rolling tobacco was the hardest hit. It went from $5.50 for a pouch to over $10 - overnight. As far as your original question, I have no idea A while ago I heard approximately $60 for a quarter ounce... Sorry, if the first part sounds snarky - I just really get annoyed at...
28 weeks and 18 lbs! Serenyd - you are your tot are beautiful - nice belly too!
You mamas are so organized and on top of things! Wow! I have done: NOTHING! This is my 3rd homebirth - 5th baby. Part of me really wants the kids to be at the birth, part of me doesn't at all. DH doesn't want the kids there... Yeah, I haven't done anything. I'm 28 weeks. Maybe I should start thinking about this!
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