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If you're breastfeeding, the colostrum is super high in vit k. None of the studies on the shot (that I know of) were done on babies that received colostrum! I second the oral recommendation if you really want it done!
HI I just wanted to intro myself! I'm Clara mother of 4. I'm Traditional Catholic so I hope you don't mind if I hang around! I just wanted to bring up a quick point. I read through your original thread and I saw that you said that you have to believe the dogmas of the Church period if you want to be Catholic. Which is completely true. Then at the beginning of this thread you had a problem with Mel Gibson saying his wife would go to hell if she didn't become Catholic. I...
I have to say this. I know pp have already, but I still have to say it. Forgive me. : Any kind of hormonal bc and the iud can cause an early abortion. Yes, it works to stop ovulation but it doesn't always work. Then, if you conceive a child and it makes it's way down your fallopian tubes to your uterus, he or she can't implant and dies. Life doesn't begin at implantation. It begins at conception. It's a scientific, biological fact. This isn't crazy made up talk. The...
Well ya! I taste everything before I give it to my kids! (Let me tell you formula tastes yucky!) Dh likes it too....... : Recently my 6yr old wanted a taste, she didn't want anymore, it satisfied her curiosity. She didn't think it was bad, just didn't want anymore! In the book Fresh Milk there is a recipe for ice cream... I'll have to try it some day!
My friend had bv for years. Her dh is cut. She went to a kinesiologist and she told her that she had tons of candida. I think she used olive leaf (I'll check with her), lots of probiotics and tea tree oil in their laundry. She also eliminated refined sugar and did a cleanse. She's been symptom free for months now. I would recommend lots of probiotics. They have helped tremendously for my yeast infections! Rosemary Gladstar has lots of natural remedies for bv in her book...
WOW! Poor baby! I hope they win!
Dr Paavo Airola (Every Woman's Book) is very against circ and he says to use a paste of cornstarch and water and put in on a cloth or gauze and apply frequently and it will heal. Whatever you do, don't let a dr retract him! I hope he feels better!
I just want to say yeah that to all the pp. Two of my kids have been very chunky and I think it's awesome! I love the fact that they will grow up to be healthy adults! I sure did! I was the fattest 3 & 4 year old! Now I'm 5'9 and 130lbs! I wouldn't worry about it at all! My kids' weight gain definately slowed down after the first 8 months or so. I put off solids until around 9 months and they are all healthy and happy! Breastmilk is the healthiest thing for your baby....
Maybe since nothing had to die in order for you to eat it it would make your tummy feel better? I'm not a vegetarian (though I sympathise greatly!) nor have I ever eaten my placenta! I would for hemorhage in a second and I was reading the placenta eating thread and I think it's awesome about helping with ppd. I've had minor ppd the last 3 births (I think a lot had to do with the actual births) so I'm thinking about it though it does sound gross!
I'm really curious what the solution is too! I'm pretty new to GD and it's things like that that make me go !
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