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I think first we have to realize that viewing the normal male penis as a ticking time bomb is purely cultural. Boys get the same infections as girls (who statistically get them more often even) and the treatment is also the same (unless you live in the US). If we lived in a culture that cut girls a forum like this would be just as full of questions about what to do when there is an issue with normal female genitalia. The out comes to said posts is really important to pay...
I am so saddened to read your update. My heart hurts for you and your son. You've done everything you should have and more. The system has failed you and your children. And it makes me mad as hell. I am so sorry. You and your children are still in my thoughts and I'm hoping the DA pulls his/her head out of his/her @$$ and does what is right.
I'm not really understanding how she lied. Was she not supposed to hang out with any boys at the dance at all? I don't consider what you described a date.
I'm glad you talk about it! Talking about it is simple yet so very complicated. I'm glad you've had/have people in your life who listened.
So incredibly sick!!
That happens to me too (friends not responding) and it hurts. I can only imagine how much my feelings would be hurt if it was about a miscarriage. I'm really sorry for your loss and your friends non-response. I am really sensitive so I think things that bother me might not bother the average person. I have been trying to make peace with this for a while. I too know people have busy lives but it only takes a second to let someone know you're thinking about them and you...
GO YOU, no doubt!!
Count me in! I'm dreaming of Fall. The heat and humidity (we have lots of both here) make me feel sick and fatigued. I can't wait to get back outside again when it cools off. Thank goodness for AC!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife Wow, the product that Grace's mom bought for her took "product placement" to a whole new level. That was advertising "The Truman Show" style... I agree. I am disappointed at the direction they took Adrian it seems completely out of character. I knew she wouldn't end up having an abortion because of the creator of the show. For some reason I don't think she'll end up having the baby though. I think...
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