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Congratulations!! Welcome Silver Rain (a beautiful name)!! :
That's really awesome!! You did a great job! I also think it's one of the best play kitchens I've ever seen.
For us it's about fun, fantasy, tradition, candy and spooky things.
I guess she needs very firm and strict boundaries. That is seriously messed up what she did (both times). I'm sorry she put you through that.
Quote: Originally Posted by silverspook Is this guy single? Totally kidding. ! That's wonderful. It's always nice to meet people who get it!
It never entered my mind it would not be on Friday, Halloween. I guess I better check to make sure.
We don't avoid it but do try to limit very processed soy products. I think the truth about soy is much more in themiddle than either side will admit. I do think it shouldn't be in a everything like it is but that can mostly be avoided by not eating processed foods.
I agree with most everyone else don't vaccinate anymore until you have done your research. I would tell the doctor you are researching right now and are going to decline this one service until you are sure if you want it or not. Remember doctors work for us and it's completely within your rights to decline a service they provide. http://insidevaccines.com/wordpress/
I would say "Yes, he/she is we don't vax for religious reasons". But really I don't think it's wrong of the OP to just have said yes I would do the same depending on the reason we are there. I have put yes on the form at the dentist asking if my kids are up to date and I do not think it should even be asked on the form in the first place. I am all for honesty but sometimes you do need to cover your ass (and your kids') and that is way more important imo than telling...
You are doing great!!!
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