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It is Ohio, and I do not ever recall the law previously requiring IEP students to be subject to an eye exam.
Ok, this just passed and was signed into law in our state, and IMHO it seems like it is discriminatory and a violation of IDEA, et. al.   Let me preface this by saying I am not against the idea, but feel that children with special needs are being unfairly treated compared to their non-special need counter parts.       My state just passed a law that will require ALL children on an IEP (current or who are in the future placed on one) to under go at the...
Actually, when Greene Memorial did Water Births, they used the kiddie pools, and I believe MVH in the regular L&D is using the kiddie pools.   As for an inexpensive rental no clue, I have not looked in over 2 years, but I think I found some you can purchase for around $100-$150 with shipping..and you could also check e-bay.
Family Beginnings is very nice.  I have no clue who Dr. Frey is.   The main disadvantage to FB is that you HAVE to take all the tests (ie GTT, GBS, etc).  If those results are not in your file by the time you hit about 37 weeks they will decline you.
Another option would be to find a Montessori school.  Many of them are fairly easy going on the Vax stuff.  Also, may daughter is behind on her vaxs and our YMCA based one has not said anything about it.  They just need the forms filled out for the purposes of maintain their requirements under the State of Ohio and not get dinged for things like that.   Melissa S.
My kids use them all the time.  We use refillable pencils as well.
You do not have to link the need for his current services to the need for OT.  THey can be related to different issues and deficiencies which need to be addressed.   Sorry, a bit fried right now, and not making very good sense, will write later.
  What your school district is telling you is totally incorrect.  They are required to evaluate the child the minute a parent puts in a written request (well the test does not have to be that minute, but the requirement to do so starts running that minute), and they have so many days to do it in.  They are also wrong about not being able to evaluate him for another 3 years, if he does not initially qualify...again any time you put in the request, they are REQUIRED to do...
The school is in clear violation of IDEA.  Under IDEA a child must be maintained in the least restrictive setting.  So, if he qualifies for OT through the school district, they are REQUIRED regardless of being in a Special Ed Classroom or a Regular Classroom to provide that OT to the child.  Your child already has an IEP, all you need at this time to do is request that he be evaluated for OT, and I believe as long as he has any skills that are at least 1 deviation below...
Some day you will have to hear my horror stories from that practice.  I went so far as to finally file a complaint against them with the State Medical Board.  Hmm..come to think of it, I have only heard the result of the complaint against one of them, not the other one I filed against as well.   Let's just say Dr. H there is not supportive or knowledgeable of breastfeeding at all....and she picked the wrong mommy to try to throw her "weight" around with....never tell...
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