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Thank you for sharing! So beautiful and so much like the birth of my Nicolas on September 19, 2007! Congrats
Name: Tiff (boobyjuicex3) EDD: April 5 #Pregnancy/baby: 5th pregnancy and 5th baby Your age/age at the birth: 31 Family: DD11 DS9 DS7 DS4 How long did it take to get your BFP: HUGE surprise Birth plans: unassisted homebirth Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: Early guesses about baby Thinking PINK  
please delete
Thank you! Do you have any experience with one or more of them?
I am looking for a food co-op in the DC area, does anyone have any suggestions? Thank ya
I found this on my doorstep this morning and thought some of you would like to read it: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...011503106.html
Thank you for your advice. I am feeling way out of my element and a bit overwhelmed...but I can do this!!
Thank you for your suggestions. I will let you know what I find out. This is just one more thing to add to my to-do list! UGH it never ends does it?!
Hug! I couldn't read and not give you some support.
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