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Still here, mostly lurking... 41+3 or 4 now.... I can't remember. In any case, I'm exhausted, irritated with family and ready for baby to be here so we can shut the world out and get back to life as normal. Went in for acupuncture yesterday, once this morning and once later tonight. Hopefully that gets SOMETHING kick started. I have my midwife appt. on Monday and I'm seriously considering asking her to please do a sweep. We'll see. Baby just can't be...
Congratulations mama! That is so awesome!!! How inspiring! My first thought was, "Wow... Does that make the Guinness Book of World Records for quick labors?"
Labor is completely different depending on each pregnancy, baby, etc. DS1- water broke, 9 1/2 hours start to finish. DS2- Water didn't break until pushing. 12 hours 42 minutes DD1- Water didn't break till daughter was out to her shoulders. 18 hours. (I didn't know I was in labor until about 11 hours before she was born because it was I thought it was just cramps from something I'd eaten that didn't agree with me. )
I can totally relate to VERY uncomfortable BH. I had them constantly with DD from about my sixth month on... and she decided a week late was fine for her to make her entrance. I am having them a lot this time too and I'm not counting too much on them. Baby is moving a lot and I'm doing all the things I should be doing either way. If they got longer, stronger, and closer together for any period of time I would then be concerned.
I like Winni and Kim. But I'd probably favor Kim first.
Team green and loving it! The anticipation is so fun!
I'm a Bradley Instructor, and I'm going to say that we differ in how we recommend these specific exercises. You do not want to arch your back. It's not like the yoga position. You should be on all fours and trying to keep your back mostly still (it's going to move up and down SOME, that's fine). Then you begin to rock your pelvis forward. Picture it like your tilting your pelvis forward and then back. I hope that helps.
Hey there! I'm 9 weeks tomorrow and I am finally admitting that I am pregnant. I still don't feel absolutely secure, so I've hesitated joining the ddc. I figure I don't have to talk about it in person a lot, and you guys would understand if something happened as well. I'm horribly sick, so I'm taking that as a good sign! Anyhow, I'm Danile. Momma to 3 little babes who will be 6, 4, and 2 when baby's born. I'm hoping for another homebirth, but we are in a sticky...
EDD: June 16th, 2010 Name: Danile Age: 24 (will be 25 right before baby is born) Location: Vancouver, WA Family: DH, DS1- 5 1/2, DS2- 4, DD- Almost 2 And whatever this little one turns out to be! Baby's Gender: Unknown, and I'm pretty sure I'd like to be surprised since I have one of each gender already. Names I like: I'm super weird about not sharing any names until baby is born. I've had names taken from friends. LOL Anyhow, we've already chosen names. Birth...
Alright ladies, I'm making an early exit. DH has convinced me now is a good time to TTC. So, it was wonderful to know how successfully we can use this method- but we're graduating! Thanks for all your help and support!
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