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We went to the Bronx Zoo on his first birthday, and we plan on doing that every birthday. It was lovely.
In 2 or 3 weeks I am starting a mothers helper position. She is paying me $50 for 6 hours of work a week.
My husband does night time parenting. I have to take a sleeping pill which makes it hard for me to wake up.
Actually a few years ago at Halloween time, someone in this area had that *decoration* up in one of their trees. It wasn't until a week later, that someone realized it was a real person who hung himself.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Target! They have great robeez-type shoes for around $12-$13 -Angela Really? Thanks! Everytime I've looked at theirs I can only find the 0-6 months or the 6-12 months. I'll have to keep trying!
We live with others so we just stay in a small room. But to make it easier we just clean one *area* a day. And when we move out, we will clean one room a day.
I'll be watching this thread! My son was only a month old last Halloween. We went around my grandmother's neighborhood and DH ate the candy. This year we will go again and we will let DS try one piece - then DH can have the rest, lol. He's just starting to walk now, so it should be fun!
My son is almost 13 months and is starting to walk. However, his shoe size is almost a 6. So when we're out and he has on the really thick soled shoes, it makes it harder on him to walk than necessary. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced place to get a size 5/6 soft soled shoe? Thanks!
Thank you so much!
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