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Oh, and juice is NOT good. It's almost all sugar and few nutrients. Real fruit is what they should have. Juice should just be a treat. And while I'm on the roll of "believe it or not, X food sucks" lol - grains are also not good. They can't digest them until over the age of 2.  As always, do what you want, just letting you know. I wish I'd known about the grain thing a long time ago!
1) Humans do NOT need cow milk. So don't even worry about that. :)  2) Once he starts eating enough solids he'll be perfectly fine with only solids and water while he's gone and nursing when you two are together. After the first year your milk starts working in a magical way so that the less you nurse, the higher the concentration of nutrients in what milk he does get, so he still gets the same amount of goodies no matter how much or how little he nurses.  I would...
This is so frustrating! For a while there she did great - I laid down with her at 7pm and she nursed down usually within 30 minutes and only occasionally woke up again 30-60min which only took another 15-20 minutes to nurse down and sneak back out. It's no longer that easy. It will often take me an hour or more just to get out, and within 10-20 minutes she is awake. And it takes even longer then and half the time she'll decide she wants to wake up and play! I am SO tired...
I have a mama who needs her little one tested for allergies but current doc won't do it until he's 3, despite the fact that he's refusing all solids (likely due to allergies). 
I'm working on my certification through Childbirth International as a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor. I need to take on some clients for required support hours. I am doing this for free (yay!) and I need about 8 moms. However, I need to work with you in person, as I am only allowed a very limited amount of phone and email hours that I can put toward it (of course I have no problem with phone/email as needed in addition to in-person visits). I will need to submit to...
Do you have a web site? I'm putting together a list or references for my mamas and would love to add you!
Dinah Waranch is my midwife, for both of my births. Love her!  Kristine Tawater assisted at the birth of my daughter. http://www.mothermemidwifery.com/ She's great!  And Donna Miller is the midwife who caught me when I was born!   
I don't believe any state does mandatory drug testing, only when there's reason for concern, but I could be wrong. If you are birthing in hospital, I would ask them. Of course you don't want a red flag up but you could call anonymously, just *67 to block your number or whatever. If you are birthing at home or in a freestanding birth center then, no, there's no mandatory drug testing. If they had concern they would call CPS. If you are clean and stay clean, there will be...
http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1325229/looking-for-connections-in-rio-de-janeiro  A couple are mentioned there. If you search the forums (or google "site:mothering.com rio de janeiro midwife") you may find more.  Good luck!! 
Have you looked for tongue or lip tie? Those can cause very frequent nursing in order to make up for their improper suck/latch. 
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