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My daughter is in 1st and is really just now starting to LIKE to read. She loves being read to, and will listen to just about any story. We have read many of the RMF books as well and she absolutely loves them.  She likes to read Piggie And Elephant books (and anything else by Mo Willems) and Fly Guy.   We have read or listened to all of the Ramona Quimby and Henry Huggins books.
My DD was 5 in March and we have been "booster training" on and off for most of the summer. I feel it is importable to know how to ride in a booster seat properly, just like it is important for kids to know how to swim. She had one bad day with the booster, goofting off, turning around in her seat, so we took it away for a month. We just got back into booster training and she is doing well again. We talk about the importance of sitting correctly in her seat, what a huge...
You are correct in leaving the top tether attached. The rule is that you always use the top tether when FF, and you use either the lower anchors OR the seat belt.
There are a few midwives in the Eastern UP, where I live. They are fantastic. One in particular Ide be willing to bet that travels to the LP because she goes all the way to Marquette, 3 hours from here, when needed. If you would like her contact info, PM me.
Hi All,  I'm sad to be joining, but Ive known for years that I would be here eventually.  My mom passed away on November 20th. She had some unknown illness that attacked  her cerebellum. She moved in with her mother in 2003, and by 2005 it was never really the same with her. A part of me has been grieving her ever since. She had been completely immobile and living in a nursing home for over a year. We lived 4 hours apart, so I only got to visit her a few times a year....
Thanks for the help, ladies. Im passing the info on to my friend.
I have a friend who is due with her second baby early February and she would really like to have a doula.Her DH may or may not be present due to military deployment and her family doesn't live nearby.  How do I go about helping her find a doula in training who may be willing to attend her birth for their certification?   She lives 45 minutes south of Chicago.
I love this show. Hands down, my favorite show on TV these days. I still cannot believe how GREAT season 8 winner Danny looks. Absolutely amazing! I missed about 20 minutes of it getting DD to sleep.
Im very glad to see that Tyra isnt a fan of the skin and bone girls. It was really quite shocking to see her in that bikini. I just think Jane is stunning. She was in the middle this week. I hope she improves. I want to see more of her. Kelsey and Anne definitely deserved to be top 2. They both pulled of amazing pictures.
I really liked the girls this season, so far. Jane, Kayla, and Liz are my favorites based on the first episode. But there are plenty of other girls I liked as well. Rhianna (Willow), Annamarie, and Kendall are gorgeous. I think the only girls I wasnt impressed with are Lexie, Kacey, and the sisters.
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