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are either of you still in long island?   we are contemplating a move to LI.  lookingat huntington area or port jefferson.  input??? 
We currently live in Pittsburgh and are considering a move to Long Island-- please educate me!   We are going to look next week.  I want to see Huntington and the schools in Centerport/Harborview as well as Port Jefferson and the schools in Three Villages/Setauket.     What about pre-schools around Port Jefferson or Huntington?   We don't vax-- how hard will it be to find a doctor?   We eat natural, local foods-- fresh eggs, beef, chicken-- is this just...
I am interested in the same info-- please help!
my friend is 37 weeks and was sent to the hospital by her midwife for a high BP (145/97). her BP has been in the 110/90 range the whole pregnancy until today. she is really committed to a natural birth (this is her first) and doesn't want to be induced. they let her go today but are definitely keeping an eye on it. i forget what to do about this-- help me give her some good advice, she is definitely open to doing anything she can do to keep that baby in and let it...
I need advice too!! Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Llyra That's when I started limiting TV with my kiddos-- as soon as they start taking notice of it. Personally, I don't allow my kiddos any time in front of a screen, at home, until they're 2. (I don't get involved in limiting the time they watch at other people's homes; that's little enough time that it does them no harm.) I don't believe it's good for them. In those first two years, they sleep so much of the time, and...
it's very rare for toddlers to wean over a weekend away.
the sun should do it.
I'd probably check out diaper swappers-- you could get a lot of good pockets for $200. I think a OS dipe like BG or Haute Pocket would work really well for this stage. Btw, howdy! We were in the Feb. DDC together!
my dd just turned 6 months old and we've been getting those spots with her on and off. we only use water for wipes and i am starting to use a solution b/c i think it is a cleanliness issue--maybe budding yeast even, but it comes and goes. we only bathe her once a week but i would rather add a little to the wipes than soap her whole body every day.
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