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yay! this is fun! thanks!
thanks these gave something to work with!
anyone have any great songs to sing with the kids while gardening? simple, catchy tunes with fun or sweet lyrics Thanks! I love the john denver "garden song" so something along those lines http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3FkaN0HQgs
My second was born posterior (and her arm was folded over her face!) I managed to birth her that way at home. But the pain was INTENSE!!! Compared to my first it was EXCRUCIATING! My midwife was fabulous and managed to turn her inside me as she was making her way out, seconds before being born so she wouldnt get stuck.I had a doula and she was so amazing, she worked so hard for like 9 hours straight with barely a break (I dont remember her ever leaving my side) but she did...
ugh-thats a bummer Maybe she has alot of clients right now and doesn't realize you need support- I mean she does know you are planning UC maybe she thinks you are strong and solid in your choice and upcoming labor/birth and doesnt need to worry about you. I don't know- thats the only think I can think about why she is bveing cold. Not a good carrer to go into if you aren't motherly type ya know? Do you feel comfortable talking to her about it? Good Luck!
subbing. ditto, my youngest is starting K in the fall
Make the desision that you want and the money *will* come. My dh worked three jobs for a few months to raise the money for us-it meant that much. I don't regret it all. whats a few hundred dollars in a life time of beautiful memories?
I dont think it has to do with AP- I used most AP parenting styles with all 3 kids and they were all different. One was very high needs (more so than the others) and I did everything the same. One was very easy going. One was in between sooo... You could maybe make some adjustments-not everything will work with every kid. I promised NEVER to use a pacifyer but i ended up using one (a natural rubber one i found) with my high needs child because she ALWAYS wanted to suck...
subbing as i am interested too
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