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I know I'm in the minority here but Fall/Autumn and Back To School aren't relevant in the Southern Hemisphere. A Day In The Life suits me better.
I did the whole twelve weeks earlier this year. I did it with a cluster on blogger which I found was the best approach for me: kept me accountable and on track, yk? Good luck with it. When I finished I wanted to start it all over again. It changed my creative direction completely and helped me make some big decisions. Hope it's as productive for you.
What you say is true for non-fiction - but not for memoir, which you treat just like any fiction story as far as I'm aware. If you're writing a reference book, a How-To, a Self-Help, an opinion piece, a travel book, a recipe book, whatever, you'd start with a proposal. But not with memoir.
I stay inspired because I'm a member of a like-minded writing group who keep pushing me onwards, though like a previous poster, I'm getting rather sick of myself and my story now. It has been three years!
Really? That is not the advice that I've garnered over three years of writing my memoir - but I'm in Australia, so wonder if that makes a difference. I imagine there's a christian publisher out there who'd take on a polished manuscript. Depending on the content, regular publishers might be interested too. Memoirs are outselling fiction in some demographics, and the publishing industry is always interested in GOOD, POLISHED, PROFESSIONAL memoir. In the beginning I...
I'm www.twitter.com/HERevolution
http://www.problogger.net/31-days-to...h-your-friend/ I'm doing this free course, not in real time, but in a haphazard fashion and it is proving to be informative. Sharing because I hope others might find it useful too.
An online buddy pointed out the 'interesting-ness' of her name 'Beccah Beushausen' having resemblance to 'Munchausen' and that the clue to her inauthenticity was there all along. My sincere condolences to those who followed her blog. I can only imagine how heartbreaking it is to lose a baby in reality. My own blog is as authentic as they come - though I am cautious about sharing personal details and my children's/partner's names.
Quote: Originally Posted by Whistler I'd be interested in that. Well, I wonder how many of us are! It would be great to work through TAW with a bunch of likeminded writers. Start by obtaining a copy of the book and maybe I'll start a group on blogger so that people can join and we can progress through the book together. The last time I did this was hugely productive for me and I ended up enrolling for a Masters in Creative Writing. I'm...
Isn't the theme just the main character's ultimate goal - such as forgiveness, redemption, emancipation etc? You can include symbolism that touches on those themes but overall, the theme is inherent to the story, and no something that must be consciously defined by the author.
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