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the way I get photos to my mom (laziness/inablilty to actually get to the post office with the kids here not really lack of money!) is to upload them to walgreens. She/I have an account there, I upload them, she has them printed and picks them up. But really I could have them printed and all she would have to do is pick them up. I'm not sure at what point you pay for them but at whatever point-it's like 25-30 cents a photo. Walmart, costco and a variety of other places...
without kids underfoot? I would certainly think so! With kids? good luck... lol
Quote: Originally Posted by carfreemama I actually could have had more cosmetic/reconstructive surgery done, but I feel completely comfortable in my skin! I wear my burn scars proudly. It was WAY harder on my mom and her fear after the accident was much harder for me in every way than the actual accident and surgeries. . thank you so much for this. I am so worried that DD will hate the way she looks (even though she should have minimal long...
yes the shriners do work in the US. One called me after we were home with DD. I thought about mentioning it earlier but with the surgery scheduled I wasn't sure there was any point. You do have to have a referal by a shriner though.
Oh my goodness. I am so sorry. My DD (21 months) had the same sort of thing last month. With our insurance we are OK but wow our max out of pocket is 3500 but the accident was 12/19 and she was d/c on 1/1. So all the recovery stuff/last day of hospital starts over on a new year so we'll be doing max out of pocket twice I think. The agony of watching this all play out is soo hard. I haven't found anyone who has gone through this. If you would like to see how it has...
we make about that combined, no other debt and our mortgage is about 850. We make it easily but its all the more I'd want. It leaves us money in savings to replace old vehicles etc
well, bathrooms done, living room done and kitchen is better-all the dishes are done, the floor is swept and mopped. I still need to clear off the counter but that's something that I often work on in the am while the kids finish breakfast. I feel much better abou tthe house!
OK, bathrooms are done, living room is picked up and I vacuumed. Now to the kitchen/dishes. Then bed!
I read some of this today and I need motivation! DH has been home all week sick so childcare has been interesting. I just did 15 min cleaning the main bathroom. Still need to: clean 1/2 bath pick up toys clean up kitchen/put dishes in dishwasher This should take about 2 15 min blocks I think...
I've been doing intervals on the treadmill recently and I'm a fan too-I can't believe how much more I can do and I'm loosing weight too.
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