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I am thinking about getting one. I feel like dd is getting too big for the Moby. Do you think the Beco will get us through the toddler years? I don't want to have to purchase another carrier after this one. Aside from the cost, are there any drawbacks? Any carriers you'd recommend over the Beco? Thanks!
Right now she doesn't like anything except pretty smooth purees. I would say maybe she's not ready, but she sits and the table with us and grabs at the food and really enjoys "sucking" on food (apples, etc). So I'm hoping a few weeks or a month of purees will get her started and then we can go with soft chunks.
Any suggesitons? I love my regular cuisinart (it gets the consistency just right), but I need one with a smaller capacity cup. I have the Kidco food mill, but the food comes out just a bit too chunky and frankly I'm a bit concerned about the metal blade scraping against the plastic holes (is plastic ending up in my baby's food? i know it's bpa free and all, but still...). I bought a chefmate thing that looked like a food processor but really just chops the food, it...
or any of those types of carriers? my dd really likes to face out to be able to see everything and i feel like she is going to outgrow the moby soon. if anyone can recommend a good carrier, i'd appreciate it!
I was raking the other day with my 5 month old in the Moby wrap. Difficult and slow, but doable! As for shoveling snow, when my 4 year old was little, if the snow was heavy, I would put her in the exersaucer by the front door where I could see her from the driveway. If the snow was light, I would think you could do a Moby wrap maybe.
I tried the Amby (a friend had given me one-- thank goodness I didn't pay for it myself and then not really use it!) as well as a bouncy chair. Nothing really works. Maybe it is something she just has to get older to be able to do. THat was how it was with my older dd. Thanks for your thoughts!
I went through something kind of simliar with my dd, who is now 4.5. I eventually did use a paci for her (which she is still using... ugh, but I swear it made the night sleep MUCH better). I would recommend trying to sleep on separate surfaces (maybe him on a mattress and you on a floor right next to him), or him on a mattress on the floor of your room. He is also old enough that you can try to establish some rules like only nursing when it's light out. The other thing...
Any ideas on this? My 5 month old dd and I co-sleep at night. For naps, she's been sleeping for 45-60 minutes in the Moby Wrap (on me) in the morning, and I sleep with her for an afternoon nap. Evening nap is just a catnap on me or dh, although I'm guessing that nap will disappear soon. The problem is I can't keep up the morning nap in the Moby (my back won't take it much longer). I'm already plopping my 4 y.o. dd in front of Sesame Street and Clifford for the...
i guess the title says it all... just a vent. the sleep problems are bugging me so much that i feel like i'm not able to enjoy being a mom. any thoughts on ways to cope mentally with difficult sleepers?
you might want to try some white noise, like a fan. although i have the same problem & that didn't work for me. also, i moved a twin mattress to the floor of my room and am going to try laying on the floor next to the mattress as soon as dd falls asleep to see if being just a little further away and not on the same surface will help.
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