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I have not had mastitis, but have had blocked ducts 6+ times. I am sure you've probably heard most of these, but here goes: Don't sleep on your stomach, or on your side in such a way that your breasts are compressed. Don't wear an underwire bra-- wear a properly fitting non-underwire one, or maybe none at all for a while. Use a rough exfoliating cloth to clean your nipples each day. When you feel a block coming on, check the nipples for any white dots...
I (unfortunately) noticed this too, especially after giving birth. I think other than being embarrassing, it's not a problem.
I believe Keys Soap makes a sunscreen that is rated safest by the Environmental Working Group. http://www.ewg.org/reports/skindeep2...arch=sunscreen http://www.keys-soap.com/solarrx.html You may want to consider just using sunscreen while on your trip to Hawaii... I think a few days of using sunscreen won't cause long-term damage. And you'd all probably be totally miserable with nasty sunburns.
I would take him in. In those situations, I'd rather be known as the nervous first time mom and have it be nothing, than have it be something possibly serious that I ignored! I think since he is gaining weight and seems otherwise ok, it is probably nothing but I think for your peace of mind and just to rule everything out it would be a good idea to take him in. Does he always breathe that way, or just sometimes? If it is just sometimes, I would recommend getting...
The last week I have gotten a terrible case of sciatica-- I can barely walk when I wake up in the morning and picking up and nursing my daughter is pure pain! The only thing I have found that will work to relieve the pain is ibuprofen, but I hate taking this (both for myself and because I am breastfeeding). Can anyone recommend any exercies, remedies, etc. to treat this condition (must be compatible with breastfeeding). Thank you!
I am curious how many moms still nurse(d) their children to sleep beyond a year or so. I have been doing it all along, but my husband now thinks that our daughter needs to learn to fall alseep without the breast. I'm not totally against the idea of having her learn to fall alseep other ways but I'm wondering if there are any definite benefits (or drawbacks) to nursing to sleep long-term that you have experienced. Any ideas? Thanks!
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