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I feel your pain! My dd is now 4 (has been weaned for 18 months), but I was up every 2 hours with her for at least 18 months. I, too, had to sit up to BF-- never got the hand of nursing while lying down. It does get better! Just hang in there. I know the exhaustion just wears you down and wears you down, but you will sleep again. I'm so glad I BF dd as long as I did, even through the night on demand. She's so happy and well-adjusted now AND she is a really good...
I've heard good things about it. Nothing specific, but the mom I was speaking to seemed to think it was really great for her daughter, who is about 10 years old. I thought about it for preschool but didn't apply because they only offer 5 days/wk and I really didn't want that for preschool.
We have been doing Musikgarten for several years. DD has always liked it and loves the teacher. We go to one in Eden Priaire right now. It is about $120 or so for 15 weeks. DD also took a class at La Musique in Minnetonka. It is not a parent/child class. But it seemed very nice, and you can go month-to-month, and it is about $40/month.
Anyone know of any? I'm looking for a short trail (less than a mile), that a small child would be able to do. I live in the SW suburbs (Eden Prairie area). We just really badly need to start getting out. We went to the Wood Lake Nature Center last week and it was nice. I'd like to find some similar places. Thanks!
Thank you for all the information. I have been totally stressed out and worried since my midwife called me and told me it was BV. Your advice and reassurances help me feel better! I'm going to try some of the suggestions. I did start the Flagyl (Metronidazole) last night. Fortunately it hasn't made me sick, but we'll see. Thank you again. It's nice to have a place to share concerns with other moms.
Well, I've had several yeast infections since becoming pregnant. I had an appointment with my midwife today, and felt like another one was coming on, so she did a test and it turns out it is BV (bacterial vaginosis). I see online that having BV puts you at risk for preterm labor, but I am having a hard time finding statistics on what percentage of women with BV end up having preterm labor. My midwife didn't seem concerned and prescribed some oral antibiotics for me...
My good friend used a doula two years ago and really liked her. At the time, she had just finished her doula training, so she was free for my friend (part of her internship or whatever). I think she is still quite reasonably priced, and my friend said that she is willing to do a sliding scale for fees so that everyone can have a doula without finances being a big concern. She is also a massage therapist (which my friend loved during labor!). I haven't decided if I'm...
I'm looking for pasteurized. I'll check into the suggestions above. Thank you! I have seen a truck driving around (not Simon or Coborns) that is a "milkman" truck, but of course I can't remember the name on it! I want to say Johnny's or something, but I just can't remember.
Anyone get fresh milk delivered to their door? I am having a hard time finding a milk delivery service. I'm in the SW suburbs of Mpls. Thanks!
Thanks for the suggestion! That kangaroo korner one looks pretty good, I may try that one out, too.
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