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Thanks for all of your advice! I did begin nursing her again, and she immediately returned to her usual self Unfortunately, I am the last of my friends to still be nursing. Some of my friends are ok with it, others I can tell think it's weird that I'm still nursing. I don't care as much about what they think, but I know that dh's preference would be that I wean. He was somewhat disappointed that I "unweaned" her, but he'll be a good sport about it. I am really...
DD is 25 months. She was nursing once a day, when she wakes up in the morning. I had been wanting to wean her, probably mostly due to pressure from dh and friends. So the other week she had a cold and was so stuffed up that she couldn't nurse at all for about 3 days. She seemed ok with it, so I didn't offer the breast once her cold cleared up. Well, it's been 10 days or so now, and I've noticed that she's suddenly gotten a case of the "terrible twos." She did ask to...
I have been feeling really blah and sluggish, and have been eating way too much junk food. Can anyone recommend a good way to cleanse? I'm a little wary of buying an actual system for it, and was hoping to do it with stuff I have around the house/food, etc. I can buy at the natural foods store. I am still nursing (just once a day), so it would have to be something compatible with BFing. Thanks!
Joanne, Could you put a bandaid over the skin tag? Maybe that would discourage your dc and soon it will be forgotten. Just a thought!
Thanks for all of your comments. This happens both when dd is nursing, and just at random times during the day. I have managed to control the ones during nursing times by putting my free arm over the free breast, with a blanket, too, if necessary. Or I redirect her hand to hold the breast she's nursing on (which I don't mind), or I give her a tiny stuffed animal to hold. That seems to solve it during nursing. But at night when she's not nursing and wants to hold my...
My dd (almost 2) constantly wants to hold/grab my breasts. I cannot stand this, but I cannot get her to stop. I've tried giving her alternatives, saying "hold onto mommy's shoulder...mommy's cheek...mommy's neck...mommy's arm" but depending how crabby she is, she usually won't go for it and sometime throws a huge fit if I don't let her. Any advice?
Look inside someone's mouth who DIDN'T grow up where the water was fluoridated and I think you'll have your answer. IMO, good oral health outweighs the potential risks of ingesting a small amount of fluoride. I'd get the supplements.
Sorry- I must have missed your post! I read Omnivore's Dilemma as well and thought it brought up a lot of interesting points. As for the Economist article, I'm not 100% convinced by it and certainly think that what is better for the environment or farmers is probably more on a case-by-case basis, but I think it is always nice to keep informed and know all sides of the issue.
In the most recent issue of the Economist, I read a very interesting article that questioned the conventional thinking on organic, free trade, and local foods. In summary, the article said this: -Organic foods are actually worse for the environment because they take more land to grow them (regular food treated with fertilizers and pesticides results in much higher yields and therefore requires less land to grow-- leaving more land for rainforest). -Fair trade foods...
They are NOT edible. I bought a large bag for a school project and it clearly said on the label that they should not be eaten. Not sure why, but I'd be on the safe side and just toss them.
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