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Ah, so the LATCH is just to keep it secure when not occupied.....I always heard that you weren't supposed to use LATCH along with the seat belt.   Thanks for the clarification. I think she would be able to sit well in the booster.  She is majorly motivated.  I can't imagine her getting more excited to get her driver's license as she is to get out of that crazy car seat!
We are thinking of moving to Florida and I know that homeschool support sort of appears in pockets.  Where I am in VA, there is lots of support, but for friends in Indiana, there is basically nothing.  How does it look in Florida?  We'd like to stay as far north as possible....   Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you --   Can you explain what you mean by "not mess with the belts"?  I know that regular belts do move with you unless they lock (like when hitting the brakes).  So do you mean pulling, or leaning too far forward, etc.?  Or does it have to do with how the belt loops thru the seat itself?
What is the best one out there that is NOT centrifugal force but juices in way so as to cause less oxidation?  Any recommendations?  TIA
Does anyone have a recommendation or experience with OT in C-ville for a sensory kid?  TIA
Both Donna and Dr. Wolanski are totally worth the wait if you can get in.  They are both really awesome and work great together.
DD is nearly 5 yo and right at 40 lbs.  I would be happy to leave her in a 5-pt. but she is a sensory kid and has always had serious issues with the car seat.  So, my question is:   At her size and age, what is the next step to a booster?  I've tried to research it, but I'm overwhelmed and getting the idea that high back boosters are not recommended??    If she goes to backess, then does she then use the seat belt like other riders?  And why do they even have the...
Thanks Natalia, I checked out your blog and may try some different remedies.  We went to a naturopath who focusses on homeopathy and he stuck with chamomila as her remedy, though I didn't think it was doing much good.  It was an expensive endeavor to go as a new patient and get established.  It's not practical for us to do that again with another one, I think I'm going to have to try it myself...   As far as growing, yes she has had a spurt lately, but she currently...
Instead of typing a novel, (which I could!), suffice to say that DD has serious sensory issues with her clothing.   Lots of other issues that relate to that, but we pretty much got it under control with FG diet over the summer last spring, and summer was pretty calm, or manageable, with a few outbursts, but nothing like before.   Now that November is here, her clothing issues are BACK.  We don' t know if something is sneaking into her diet, but basically she fights...
Any suggestions for sending flowers, (or edible arrangements, etc) for a friend in hospital in another town? Or sick, etc.? Flower delivery services are ridiculously expensive, but when you want something sent within a day or so, what do you do?
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