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I have a 9 yo Aspie boy as well. It has been a really tough year for him. Between the naturopath, the behavioural therapy team, and the acupuncture I do see glimmers of hope for a little more calmness (and a little less screaming). Not big glimmers.....just enough to get through the next day. We have had a lot of success with the acupuncture for his allergies and asthma as well and he is SO calm for days after. I kind of wish we could just live there The ninth...
We're in Alberta and mine are gr4, gr2, k, and preschool. They don't get any homework, though the older two would have to bring home and complete any work they didn't finish in the ample class time they are given. That hasn't happened yet though, they are given more than enough time in school for the work that needs to be completed unless they waste a lot of time in class.
My second slept all night, every night without waking at all right from birth. 12 hours every night. It would have been AWESOME if his 2.5 yo brother wasn't still waking up 6 or 7 times
We have 4 kids and really like to be active together. Ours are 9, 7, 5, and 3. Dh and I both love to run, so we put the younger two in the jogger and the bigger two on bikes and we run. They do pretty well and on the way home we generally hit up the park for some hardcore family play time We also bike (with the younger two in the trailer). We like to take the trails down to the river valley and back up again....a challenge for the kids but they enjoy it! We also...
Quote: Originally Posted by zoebird look, just because i have a minimalist number of kids. . . LOL! Hey, are you calling my kids clutter? j/k
Quote: I hope no one thought my observation was a criticism. That why all the I just found it interesting. Not at all, and I am always happy to hear the experiences of the wise mamas with older kids and more kids than I have We have been very busy. Rearranging, repainting, getting rid of several LOADS of stuff. Yay for the abscence of crappy, broken, who am I kidding I am never going to fix it furniture in my basement. It is an unfinished...
MINE. She loves to sing and turns absolutely anything she does into a song. She even sings on the toilet She is in love with the movie Annie, so she often belts out Tomorrow or Hard Knock Life in stores. Too cute, though probably a little annoying to other shoppers. And since watching that movie she has started adding some flashy dance moves to her songs. She keeps her older siblings quite entertained
You are right. 2 isn't big. 4 is the low end of big (by modern standards). I started this thread because the minimalism thread was all one child families, the issues of a house with an only child are nothing like those of a 4 child family! Though I imagine the issues of minimalism in a home with 7 children aren't all that comparable to a 4 child family either
I have one set of sheets per bed, plus one large unfitted one that can be used in an emergency. I simply remove them from the beds, wash them, and replace them the same day so I don't have piled up laundry around. I also have one towel per person, plus a few swim towels set aside for that purpose. I do a sanitize load of towels and kitchen cloths every other day. We are a family of six and this works well for us.
Quote: Originally Posted by Honey693 I get that RF is 5 times safer. But how much safer is it to drive with a nonscreaming child? I have no idea what the stats are, but I feel like you'd be at least 3 or 4 times less likely to get in an accident if there wasn't hysterical screaming coming from the backseat for 5 hours. Driving with a child who screams constantly is horrible! We resorted to all sorts of unsafe things to keep ours from...
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