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Wasn't there a controversial study that showed that car seat use was actually less of a factor for fatalities than simply placing children in the back seat? Not to say that car seats aren't important of course, though that was inferred by a lot of people (hence the controversial part). Does anyone know what I am talking about? Or maybe I am remembering it wrong, it has been a long day.
Our days are filled with opportunities for kids to learn SO many things from a variety of people. Anyone from Grandparents sharing a favourite hobby with a child to other homeschooling parents just discussing interesting facts about the subject they are covering with their kids. Add to that museum days, science centre programs, art class, music teachers, coaches, and so much more. There are very few days that dh and I are the only ones to interact with our children. We...
I have 3 older brothers. I loved growing up with them even though it wasn't always perfect. They taught me lots of cool things and looked out for me as my parents weren't around much (they both worked a lot). I was fairly close with 2 of them at different stages of growing up, one I have never been close with, but he has narcissistic personality disorder so that isn't really surprising He mostly threatened and intimidated me (and robbed my piggy bank) but he would...
We have this one http://www.lg.com/ca_en/home-applian...-WM3988HWA.jsp It does a really great job. It takes a long time per load, but realistically it would take me even longer to do a load because I never did switch it from the washer to the dryer in a timely manner . And I still am NEVER behind on laundry.....okay, I was once, I had 3 loads to do . That is nothing compared to the laundry MOUNTAIN that used to take up my basement. I would have done a...
All my kids get SUPER clumsy when they are in a growth spurt. It can be hard to get used to walking in a body that has changed significantly in a short period of time! If it doesn't get better in a few days then in may be time to investigate a little more, but otherwise it is likely just a spurt.
Out of the 3 I was charting for I had a boy from 5 days before O, a girl from day of O, and a girl from day before O.
http://www.ecobabycanada.ca/ sells Earth Mama Angel Baby and is in Canada. Hope that helps
Quote: off topic, but... Can you get support for RDI where you are? Unfortunately no, not yet anyway. Thanks for info BookGoddess. I think we will go through the process for funding. It is clear ds needs more than he is getting ATM.
We also have 4 and I don't really feel done most days. Dh feels very done. It is a problem. Mine are 9, 6, 5, and 2. I feel like if we are going to do it we should soon as I want them all to be closely spaced. In reality I would like 6, but dh really isn't open to more unless it accidentally happens. We both know that he would be happy if it were to happen, but he doesn't want to make that choice. I see his point for not wanting more. We have 2 boys then 2...
Someone stole a potted tangerine tree from us once. It was only a tiny little thing with 3 leaves. I had left it outside my front door to get some sun and someone opened the gate and walked right up to the door to get it. Another time someone broke into our car and took a pair of prescription sunglasses (with a pretty strong power so it isn't like they could actually USE them) and a handful of Canadian tire money.
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