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I make a dill pickle and add dill, mustard seeds, and garlic cloves in with the cucumber. I make it in the summer with these little cukes I get from a local farmer and they are much more crispy than slicing cukes. The slicing cukes don't retain their crunch.
We eat a tbsp or so with every meal. As pp said, you can just eat it with the food as a condiment. Doesn't really matter if it's in the same bite or not as other food. Just don't put it into or on top of very hot foods so you don't kill the probiotics.   We have a huge assortment of different ferments so there's always something to go with every meal. We've been part of a CSA for the last 3 years and I tend to ferment anything I can't use up or don't know what to do...
I would suggest looking up the closest local Weston A Price Foundation chapter near you and contacting the chapter leader. I am a chapter leader in my area and we are required to maintain a source list of local farms. Many of the farms on my source list only advertise via word of mouth and have no internet presence and are not great with computers so you may be surprised what may be near you.   If you cannot get it locally, I would recommend US Wellness Meats. I...
Many holistic practioners don't even look at the total cholesterol anymore and instead look at the ratios. I believe the goal is to have a total cholesterol to HDL ratio of less than 5:1, with the ideal being 3.5:1. Yours is about 2.8:1, which is phenomenal. I remember mine being close to yours. My total cholesterol is something like 215, with an HDL of 79.
I agree that you need to build up slowly. If you're not used to eating a lot of fat at one sitting, eating a bunch of fat will cause your body to dump bile, which causes stomach pains and cramps. Also coconut oil is great at killing candida so it could also cause terrible detox effects if you take too much in the beginning.
I usually cut them in half or in pieces, then saute them with onions or green onions. Once you saute them for a bit, turn the heat way down and then cover. They will release a lot of liquid on their own or you can add a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of chicken broth to simmer them in. Add a slice or two of ginger, and then simmer for a couple of hours, up to 3 to 4 hours. They get really soft and are pretty tasty. I used to add some soy sauce, but I don't use soy anything anymore, so I...
DH and I both gained weight after starting TF, but lost a bunch after we went grain free and sugar free (except for what is is veggies and fruit). I am 118, 5'3" and DH is 180, 5'11". We both have plateau-ed and stayed this way for over a year now, and this is actually what we weighed in college.
I have my winter squash custard recipe up on my site at: http://www.wholetraditions.com/recipes/140-winter-squash-custard   This is my basic recipe that I first created to find a use for the abundance of winter squash I got from my CSA but you can change and tweak the ingredients.
I use coconut cream concentrate and I keep it in my fridge since I use it up so slowly. The jar I have is well over the due date, but since it's been kept in the fridge, I am still using it. It gets totally solid when cold, so I have to chunk pieces off or let it come to room temperature.   We are dairy free (on GAPS diet and still haven't been able to work in dairy), and I have used it successfully in baking that normally call for milk or cream. I make a custard...
Anyone have a recommendation for a good company that sells top soil and delivers in Northern VA? I am planning to put in four 4x8' raised beds (1' deep). Thanks! Sara
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