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152. I have no motivation! I didn't exercise last week. Like, not even once. I had pizza and ice cream last night, and a donut this morning. I don't even like donuts. Ugh! I know what I need to do, I just have zero willpower. In the last 14 months I went from nearly 200 lbs, down to 130, and back up to where I am now. I'm afraid of ballooning up to where I began, but apparently not afraid enough to stop stuffing my face. I need a better way to deal with stress. Sorry for...
150... went overboard on Valentine's candy. Back on track!
I totally forgot to update here yesterday, but I weighed in at 149.6 yesterday.
Starting at 151. Toooootally fell off the wagon.
I'm in again too. I'm very frustrated that my weight hasn't really budged for several weeks now, but I'm going to make some changes and see how it goes before throwing in the towel altogether.
Aaand back up to 146. I'm so discouraged. I wasn't going to join the next challenge, but I'm going to switch some things up and see if it makes a difference. Maybe I've just been doing the same thing for too long??
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I was on this thread back in 2009 when I thought I might be pregnant with my now-3yo DS.... And here I am again, and hoping for a different outcome! I'm only 3 dpo now but worried because I conceive easily. DH woke me up the other night to dtd and in my half-asleep state I thought we were safe to not bother with a condom. In the morning I took my temp and was surprised with a clear temp jump, which means we had sex within hours of ovulation. We are (were?) done having...
Sorry I'm a day late... 145. Better than a gain... Thinking I've got some weird hormonal stuff going on.
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