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Subbing. Tara's acting kinda bugs me. I don't like how much her voice cracks and chin quivers all the freaking time. That said the story-line with her and the nutty vampire is too freaking funny. Poor girl can not catch a break.
Lisa, it amazes me when people are openly an ass and feel ii's all good.
Shay. I hope you feel better soon. My sister did her first two years a community college before going to Grambling State. it does save quite a bit. She's already wracked up $17000 in student loans plus she has summer school and her senior year. To make any real money she will need to get her masters so you know the math. It's crazy how they want America to be an Educated country but can't take the time to make it affordable.
Premature here. I've had grey since about 24 or so. Now at 33 it gets really bad and yes I dye it.
Motherhood Maternity has been doing this for a very long time.
Lisa, I'm sorry to hear the update about your Dad.
I know I'm late to the convo but Lisa. I know it's hard to think of your Dad in pain. When we think of Dads all we can remember is how strong and big they have always been to us, even now all grown up. Congrats rootzdawta.
subbing. Yeah I'm thinking that too.
I'm still cathcing up on season one.
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