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DH and I both watch it. I laugh my a@@ off everytime Buck surfaces.
This is our first time at Disneyworld. So do you not go on the rides that don't allow bags? I know we want to bring snacks and water but I can't imagine lugging it around all day for a family of six. No stroller to push, our youngest is seven. We are staying off site at the Bahama Bay Resort it's suppose to be 10 minutes away so I think going back for lunch somedays is a good option. Also do you still go to the park is it rains? I checked and it's suppose to "shower" 2-3...
I bumped this because we leave for disner World on Friday. I'm still reading through the thread but haev a question. If you bring your own snacks and drinks what do you do with it while your there? it might be a stupid question but do you lug everything around with you all day or get a locker?
Another vote for USAA. I have not had a single complaint about them since we started with them in 1999.
I honestly don't see anythingw rong with what you did. I hope everything works out in your favor.
Bunnyflakes, your story made me cry. Half of it sad that you had to endure so much, the other happy that you had the courage and strenght to fight. I'm thrilled he's getting what he deserves and you can start getting what you deserve.
Grow your savings until September when you find out what your job outlook is. If it's good after that, put the extra towards the loan as long as your on contract at work.
They don't have them at either of the costco's here.
Quote: Originally Posted by cappuccinosmom So does nobody get EIC or Child Tax Credit? We do not get EIC but we did get the child tax credit. The bulk of my parents money from thid year came because they are now getting credit for my sister beyond in school beyond her first and second year. I think that is new this year.
Ours was about the same as its been these last few years. I think it was maybe a few hundred more than last year though. My parents was about the twice the size as usual.
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