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I would put the chunk on the one with the upcoming interest raise. If it was going to stay at 8% I would say pay off teh smaller two but you don't want the interest on that one to creep up on you if you don't have it paid down enough.
Not excessive to me if the're really close. At that age $10 on a gift card doesn't go to far. Have your DD take her friend to a nice lunch or something.
I'm bummed too. Most of the sizes I need in the things I like are already sold out. 120-130 is a popular size I guess.
Glad to see so many tweens are still into legos.
He's read Diary of a wimpy kid and did not care for it much. I think it was "enough" for him. He's read the inkheart series but not Septemus Heap, I will ask him about that one. I didn't even think about LOTR that's a great idea. I will look into all the suggestions, thanks!
I need book recommendations for DS. He's 12 years old and can read almost anything, he's on an 11th grade reading level. So far his favorite book series is the Percy Jackson series. Does anyone know of something like that?
He's shown the most interest in drawing and has won several art awards for that. His elective at school is art(it's pretty advanced) and they have been touching on many things lately some of which I have to run out and buy supplies for. I didn't even know they had homework in art class. I guess I would say drawing though so what would I look to get him?
Can anyone tell me who makes quality art supplies and where to get them from? Ds is twelve and pretty good. I would love to get him a nice are set but I was hoping for a pretty nice one at a decent price.
Anyone care to share what they are getting their tween? DS is twelve and other than a few video games he really hasn't mentioned much he's a last minute person but I am not a last minute shopper. I was thinking of some good art supplies or one of those lego technic sets. Anyone else. We buy clothes during the year so we don't do many on CHristmas but I don't buy many "other things" during the year so this is usually when they get most of their "stuff". Anyone care to share?
No I would not.
New Posts  All Forums: