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I would let two grown ups work it out unless they were yelling at each other or the one was openly intimidated by the other.
I could not.
Ew. He's so skinny and scrawny and little boy looking.
It's rude but I wouldn't stress over it. You obviously know where they live so sooner or later they have to show up.
Quote: Originally Posted by MPsSweetie Personally, I would return it and get them nothing. So would I.
I don't think it's selfish. Give her what you feel you can spare and keep the rest.
How can I find out who participates in it?
Food, food and did I mention food. I mean stuff that they can't get at the chow hall. My sister's in her junior year, I just sent her a foreman grill and a hot plate at her request. Anytime I ask her what she needs she usually says food but maybe she's just greedy.
It is insane and slightly frustrating but if there is a good enough bargain I will brave it.
Some software I saw at the apple store. a gold necklace shaped like a crescent moon. A chi flatiron.
New Posts  All Forums: