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KK's but I think the Sigg's are cuter.
Seems like a nice concept but on blackfriday I don't know how successful it will be. I am a BF shopper so I will be out.
The product changes every night at midnight in case anyone doesn't know.
Thanks for this.
This is great, thanks!
I thought I'd post this in case anyone was interesting in it for the holidays. kids Woot has a Melissa and Doug treehouse play set for $59.99 and $5 shipping. http://kids.woot.com/ The same exact play set is at this site http://www.outofthetoybox.com/produc...issa_Doug.html for twice as much. hope it helps someone.
NM, it's early and I'm not going to go there.
Quote: Originally Posted by mommy2maya maybe your friend is pregnant? I hope not, her husband's deployed, lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by mommy2maya once they turn 5 Hmmm. My friend's DS is five, I wonder why they still get WIC. He turned five months ago.
I'm pretty sure WIC goes through the age of five. Once your child turns six he or she is no longer eligible.
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