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I only buy online so yes.
Title says it all. Does anyone know when HA starts their Annual Winter sale? I think I remember it was kinda close to Christmas but I thought I had gotten my items in time for Christmas. Does anyone know when they do it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Denvergirlie Sometimes, the code is on the second page of the serach results, or if you read a link or two from the first page, when you hit the back button, it will then be there. They really try to give them out for real searches and not let people just randomly search for key words to find the codes. So I shouldn't waste my time since it thinks only real searches are once or twice a day. I am on the computer way...
I have only managed to earn one swag buck after using it for almost a week. How do they award the bucks? I downloaded the toolbar and have been using it.
My son is only twelve and is starting to do things like that. I can ask him a question but since I didn't ask him in a particular way then I may not get the right answer. I don't think you have anything to apologize for and it will probably make him think it through next time.
I would let it go but I disagree with everyone who says it was probably because they were in there arguing before or something. The "go figure" comment says to me she had a pre-judged disposition about it. I mean they may have been in there earlier arguing and she formed a conclusion than that they were trouble.A correct conclusion but a conclusion based on race is my guess.
Not while awake.
Why aren't I getting any updates on this thread? The terms used wouldn't matter much as long as they are terms the child understands, at least to my kids. Anyone gearing up for Thanksgiving? we don't live near any family so ours will be small as usual. We do have a conflict this year. Dh's favorite football team will be in town on TGD to play. I know he wants to go even if he won't say so. So what do you think?
Maybe, but why would she and shouldn't they have at least hinted of her and a man before they threw out the whole lesbian thing. If she was just finding out the sex in her flashforward then she was probably about 4 months along in the flashforward.
But she said she hadn't been with men since high school so how would she be pregnant now? I think she was just thinking about the baby that would have been and how much she wanted it after all.
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