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If the protest was something my child really believed in and wanted to support, yes I would.
I forgot to add. http://www.mindwareonline.com has some great thinking type toys.
Your in a better place the Arsenal didn't even have a PX let alone a commissary.
I have convinced myself to finally do this this year.
is he stationed at little Rock Air force base? We use to live on the Pine bluff arsenal.
No but I've enjoyed reading them sometimes.
Have you tried "project" type toys. DS is twelve and still loves to build things. Pirate ships, those kinex toys, robotic things to put together. Anything tinker type that you have to make and imagine with. He has a fair amount of homework and still plays outside a lot so the bored thing doesn't come often but those are a few "toy type" things he likes to play with.
I also think you are great people for taking her in. I don't have any advice but I do think you get to have an opinion and conversation with her about things as you are the ones taking care of her and her baby. She is dependent on you for everything right now am I right? That means it's okay to me to have an opinion on things just try to phrase them in a non-judgmental way.
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