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I just got this info in my email box so thought I'd pass it on. I ordered my kids a Quadrilla try me set for $15 plus a few cute animalz. It has $4.95 shipping right now. They HAPE toys and babylegz. You have to be invited in I think, here's the link. http://www.hautelook.com/invite/cnieves313
He is a comedian and if it didn't have a comedic twist in it I wouldn't bother seeing it from him. I've personally always liked him but will wait to see it on dvd. I don't think it will come to my area anytime soon anyway. rootzdawta Dh and I have had this discussion several times with the shoe on the other foot. He wants more and I was done one child ago. I wanted two, he wanted four, we ended up with three so I think that's a happy compromise. He still wants...
I could not. But we drive pretty almost daily in your case I can see how you could get away with it.
It goes both ways you can never get away from annoying people. With my oldest it was comments on how small he was. With my youngest comments on how big she was. Try not to take it to heart.
I was a very full 34 C when nursing my youngest. She has been weaned for four years now(she's six) and I am still a C. not as full as before but still a C or maybe a fuller B, lol. I was very surprised. Oh before that I was small side of a B cup. One is a bit less full than the other as she had a favorite but they are actually better now than when I had my son twelve years ago. You just never know.
Quote: Originally Posted by limabean Yeah ... since so many people have said this, I guess I should clarify that I wasn't looking for lies to tell, I was just looking for good wording to soften the truth. Oh I wasn't suggesting that you weren't going it be honest. I just think that the way you said it here is what you should say. I don't think it's too harsh.
I'd go with what you just said here but I believe in being honest with people.
If you like it that's all that matters. It's too trying to hard to be marine core jane for me for me to personally love it. I have to say though with the hair that short the bangs just seem silly or overkill.
Quote: Originally Posted by mokey4 It was kind of a bummer, but now I thank my mom for her hardline stance against video games. I spent a lot more time reading than most kids. It's true that I played video games at friends' houses, but I never really became very good at any video game and didn't spend hours and hours playing anything. That also depends on what type of child you are though. My parents got us pretty much whatever we wanted as...
We have a Wii and honestly my kids don't use it any where near as much as I thought they would. set your limits and it probably won't be as big of an issue as you think. My kids still play plenty outside and tons of free play.
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