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I'd call roadside assistance. Calling 911 because you broke down doesn't seem right to me. If you had our cell phone couldn't you call anyone in it?
When I am pregnant is when I seem to get the worse lines. "Why don't you go to dinner with me, I know your hungry"
The sport cap is more child friendly. My DD's haev a hard time screwing on the loop cap.
Okay then no making bagels for me, I can barely bake bread. :
Quote: Originally Posted by littleaugustbaby Someone said earlier in the thread that they checked the ingredients and it was no different than store bought bagels and cream cheese. Most store bought bagels aren't really that healthy anyway, most are hydrogenated and full of HFCS and other junk. So this made me go look at my store bought bagels to see. I won't list every single thing just the top major ones. Enriched bleached flour, ,...
The first time I ever mowed a lawn was 2006. I couldn't find any kids around to pay and DH was deployed. I didn't liek it at all. The same with shoveling snow.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ironica WILL THE JUDGEMENT NEVER END?! We need tolerance for strawberry drivers NOW! No matter how hard the wind bellows the mountain will not bow.
Quote: Originally Posted by SevenVeils Yeah, I have that same feeling. I don't think I'll bother with it though. The defensive posts always get me annoyed. If someone hates something, I really don't think it is directed toward any one person on MDC b It doesn't have anything to do with being defensive more like why is it here, I don't get it. Thats' what gets ME annoyed.
NFL but not AP.
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