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Quote: Originally Posted by PatioGardener just in the USA? there are a few in Canada but our laws are different - breastfeeding seems to have more protection. for example in Ontario it is a human right... I think my paper will focus mainly on USA but I would love info about Canada, maybe to compare/contrast offer some possible solutions to the problems.
Sparked by the ignorance of Hillsborough County, FL. I'm writing a seminar-style paper for my law school requirements and I'm wanting to write about the (lack of) legal protection for breastfeeding moms and children. I'm trying to collect as many newspaper articles or other stories about mom's being told not to nurse their children so that I can include this information in my paper. Any suggestions would be wonderfully appreciated.
ALACE CAPPA Bradley Method- if you take the course to teach the classes you are automatically deemed a doula Birth Arts International ICEA CBE Birthing from Within CBI Birthworks ACBE I believe that you can "cross train" between some CAPPA and DONA courses as well.
My first was supposed to be a birth center birth. I really liked the staff, they were awesome especially when I switched care at 32 weeks and with pneumonia. My son was born in the car on the way to the center so I didn't actually birth there. But it sealed my decision to never leave my home to birth again. It wasn't just that I'd birthed in the car it was just having to leave my house to get to the birth center and trying to fit my appointments into one of their 2 days...
I found two other books that I think work better for us than 100 easy lessons. They used almost the same technique just presented in a different way. Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching- This one also has a pre-reading section for little ones that aren't quite ready to start working with letter sounds yet. Phonics pathways : clear steps to easy reading and perfect spelling
18 months. I started late EC at 10 months.
I'm looking for storage suggestions. I've only frozen a few meal so far with ziploc bags but they had ice and freezer stuff all on the inside when I re-opened the bag. Tips and suggestions please???
If you check on Yahoo, there's an AP group that's really active. Also check on Meetup.com for some good groups. There are a few that are AP but I haven't had too much static in the past year.
infants and children in the front seat of cars (not including trucks where there's no back seat).
I'm wondering the same thing myself. DS was nighweaned and in his own room last October. I'm due any day now and DS started coming back in the bed with me from midnight on. I'm not sure what to do with baby. DS likes to sleep as close to me as my skin and with no one else in the bed I'm a little nervous having both kids in the middle of the Queen sized bed. I worry about DS rolling on the baby or falling off the bed.
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