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I always have sciatica when I am pregnant. Have her partner massage the back of her thigh using massage oil. If she is standing it is good to have one foot resting on a step, it takes some of the pressure off. These are temporary fixes but may ease the discomfort.
If it's a boy my 3yo dd likes the name Rex. I actually kind of like it, too!
Hi mamas. I have been having a lot of nausea lately, what an awful feeling! I dring peppermint tea which seems to help a little. I wake up in the middle of the night very nauseated and what I do is just get a spoonful of yogurt and try and go back to sleep. This help my stomach but doesn't help my insomnia. I just cannot sleep for some reason. I wake up either sick to my stomach or I have to pee and I just can't go back to sleep for 1 or 2 hours!! Also, I...
Sparklin, I too look around 4 months pg. That happened with #2 also. I haven't stepped on a scale but I feel like I've gained 10 lbs.
Sparklin, it's great to see someone else here from Michigan! And so close, too. Well I am feeling good still. I just keep getting up around 5 am and cannot get back to sleep. The past couple days I have been so tired, can hardly keep my eyes open around 2 pm.
Well mamas, I've been up since 5 am because I couldn't sleep. I usually have trouble sleeping right from the beginning. So I thought I'd get myself up, turn on the computer and make myself some peppermint tea. Called my midwife yesterday to make an appt. I can't wait to see her, the 2 that I see always make me feel so good! It's great to see so many of us here, this is going to be fun! Rachel
Thanks for the congratulations! Now that I know I am pg I feel pg. Funny how that works. I am glad I have you guys to share my good news with. It is just me and the dog here this weekend and my tribe of girlfriends is gone. The dog seems pretty excited, though. Wow, still kinda suprised the test was positive!
I am VERY happy to join you. I really didn't think I was pg, but I am! I just took the test and I was positive. My last af was May 29 so I had been waiting to start but it just didn't happen, now I know why. This was the 3rd hpt I did, all the others were negative. My dh is out of town with our 2 girls. I don't know if I should call him or just wait till he comes home tomorrow. I am just so excited and I want to share it with him. I have a back injury (which...
HI!! I'm preganant with #3, just took the test. I will be due at the beginning of March 2004. I am so excited, I really didn't think I was pregnant!!! Guess I'll have to call my midwife Monday. Rachel
Hi everyone. My name is Rachel and I am TTC #3. I have had af once May 29 and waiting for it to return again. I am no longer BFing as my 17mo dd weaned last month. I have done 2 tests, both negative. But I really don't feel pregnant like I did the other 2 times. So we will see...
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