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How about Wired, The Cult, The Housemartins, OMD, XTC, Roxy Music, The Meatmen, General Public. I wish I could think of more...
You can't go wrong with The B52s, Bob Marley, They Might Be Giants, Elvis Costello, and The Beatles.
When my dd#2 was born dd#1 was 21 months old. I had her "help" me as much as she could, even though that meant that everything took much longer to do. She would fetch things for me (diapers, burp cloths, baby's clothes, etc) and this made her feel like I was paying attention to her. I also had to let her hold the baby using the boppy pillow, she felt very important and close to the new baby at those times. Once the new baby was about a month old I would sometimes have...
My girls were a bit younger when I made this same transition but this is what worked for us. I would leave maybe a half hour before bedtime (go to the library, grocery store, meet a friend for coffee) and since my dh was the only one at home they went to bed for him. There was a little crying it out but just for a few minutes and only the first couple days. When I say they cried a little it was not sceaming it was that tired, whiney cry. After about a week that were...
HI. I had a yeast infection while pregnant with #2 dd. My midwife prescribed a vag suppository cream (like Monistat) that I used a few times. That really helped with the discomfort and itchiness but to prevent it from happening again eat lots of yogurt because all those active cultures help reduce the yeast. HTH, Rachel
We have a trip to a state park planned soon and will be car camping. This will be our first time also. My 14mo dd co-sleeps so I figured we'd probably zip our sleeping bags together and use an air mattress/sleeping pad.
Well, I did 2 days of 15mg and I was not a pleasant person to be around. My dh is not totally supportive since he gets the brunt of my anger and anxiety. He thinks I am not ready to go off Paxil. But I just want to be my normal self again!! Where did she go? I don't like the fact that I need drugs to feel normal but I feel like myself when I am taking Paxil and I don't recognize that other person! So here I am back on the 20mg dose. Maybe I'll give it another...
I am on non-fiction kick. I am reading We're in This War, Too by Judy Barrett Litoff and David C. Smith. It's letters from women in the service during World War II. Their other book Since You Went Away: Letters from American Women on the Homefront was very good, too.
I am very anxious to see Spirited Away also. Have you seen My Neighbor Totoro, my 3yo dd loves it, you might, too!
Thanks so much. A couple months ago I tried to half my dose and after 2 days I started feeling very anxious and all my ppd symptoms came back. So that makes sense to go more slowly. Thanks, Rachel
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