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lab results came back and says she has a staph infection!
My teen daugher started having oozing of her scalp and was red and tender, also swollen glands.  Today her eyes are swollen and irritated.  The DR. sent swap of scalp secretions to lab and prescribed antibiotics and antibiotic ointment for her scalp?  I am not sure that she should be taking antibiotics, unless lab results come back and tell us what it is.  My other concern is that it May be Rubella without the rash?  (why did her eyes get irritated?
found a great Pediatric dentist in Warren, NJ (Dr. Mohan)  she pulled out their infected molars and now are happy and pain free!!
Just called and they seem to be very booked!  Anyone else.
still looking
still looking....
In Scotch Plains, Westfield areas?
Hi I'm in Scotch Plains, don't know of any daycare for you, but just wanted to say Congrats!!  
Think my twins need to get a couple of molars removed, first dentist I went to did pulpotomies and filled the molars.  SHortly after they have been dealing with infections and the actual filing coming out and one of the molars actually broke!  Thanks in advance.
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