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That's totally fascinating, but why do the posts suddenly stop? He started it on Aug. 1, and it has 6 days listed. I want to read more! And I hope all is well.
What are some of your favorite things? Do you tend to eat too little or too much? I'm thinking that working out of the freezer would help, since you can leave it there until you need to use it. I like to keep cooked rice in the freezer, along with chicken breasts, sweet potato fries, chicken stock. Then in the fridge I keep a couple days' worth of baby spinach, grape tomatoes, carrots, apples, cheese, milk/coconut milk, ham, bread. I get a CSA box of veggies and a dozen...
In the summer, I like things like melon salads, tomato salads with mozzarella, toast 'melts' with fresh tomatoes, summer squash salad, etc...
You can do the quick vegan baking substitute: 2-3 T. of ground flax seed, add 3 T. water, whisk then let it sit for a couple minutes. That equals one egg in any baking recipe. Works fine in pancakes and such. Depending on how finely ground the flax is, you might need to use less of it. http://www.eatrealgood.com/baking-substitutions.html
You can puree and strain them (to remove the seeds) and serve it over homemade vanilla pudding with fresh peaches. AMAZING flavor combo. Peches cardinal. http://classical-french-cuisine.suit...aches_cardinal
http://www.eatrealgood.com/cooking-w...esh-herbs.html The above link has tips for a few of the more common herbs, including how to store them for longest life. Hope that helps!
I've learned that my particular style is to have a partially open-ended plan. I plan out 5-6 meals I want to make, based on the veggies I'm getting in the CSA box, then I get whatever else I need at the store. I try to plan it such that a couple meals need to be prepared soon, but that the others can hang out and wait for me. Often I'll cook two nights, and the third night we'll finish up leftovers. I have found that if I plan a new meal for every single night, we end up...
You could use the pumpkin puree to thicken a bean soup, maybe with some sage. Savory way to enjoy pumpkin. The beets could be used in mashed potatoes. Puree the beets with a little chicken broth or milk, then add to the cooked potatoes as the liquid in your mashed potatoes. Add butter and salt/pepper as desired. The end result is a really earthy, delicious flavor and BRIGHT PINK mashed potatoes. It makes a lovely base for roasted chicken dishes.
I'm guessing baking mix is biscuit mix? Or self-rising flour. Something along those lines. I bet you could use your favorite GF biscuit mix (I like the Bob's Red Mill GF biscuit mix - makes great pancakes also!!!) in place of it. Seems to me that GF flours take longer to cook than wheat flours, though, so keep that in mind. I usually have to cook for a bit longer at a slightly lower temperature to get GF baked goods to come out right, especially waffles. Seems like they...
Oooh! Make a summer squash salad with all that squash. I'm making one this afternoon with the squash I got in my CSA box: http://mealplanner.eatrealgood.com/recipes/83
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