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I need ideas on how to gently approach a home invasion with my 4.5yo daughter. Thankfully she was asleep and stayed asleep when I barricaded myself and my infant son in her room. She only woke up once the police were inside, and she ran back in her room and fell asleep again as soon as she saw them. I don't know if she will remember anything in the morning, but if she does, can you suggest some talking points?   Honestly, my plan is not to discuss it unless it comes...
Abstinence is my preference, but I lack a libido. Second to that is Fertility Awareness. And third, because I choose to take methotrexate, I also choose VCF. Vaginal contraceptive film. It is not hormonal, and not natural. It is spermicide in a sheet of a gelatine-like film that gets folded up and shoved up to the cervix. A few minutes later, the spermicide is spread across that area.   That way, when the doctor complains that I am not on "the pill" or "the shot"...
My heart is breaking for your broken nipples, but I am praying things get better for you! I'm rooting for you, your n00b, and your b00b.
Avocado and sushi. For some reason, both make me gag and/or vomit. The taste itself is benign to me; I can smell it, I can have it in my mouth. But if I try to chew, I gag. If I try to swallow...oy. Sorry to the couscous person. Reading your post made me laugh hysterically for some reason. It just seems so benign, as avocado for me!
Please, I need to hear from people who have gone through failure to thrive as a newborn. My son is failure to thrive, hovering between 0%-3% on the growth charts, and we've started free-feeding formula. I need to hear your experiences and talk to some people to network and figure out what is going on and what I can do. Thanks!
My daughter's only real junk food would be the free kid cookies at the bakery department. Sometimes I let her make refrigerated biscuits with marshmallows and chocolate. That doesn't count as junk food because she bakes them herself and I find them completely repulsive. Right?
Do you need a pump? Even a non-hospital grade one? I can send you a double mipump to help you out.
One of the senior scientists was a constant crotch grabber, like he had crabs or something. Also saw a person cool down a thermally hot bowl of instant rice with a can of cola.
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