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After nearly a year of war on fleas in my new house in desperation I gave up the natural approach and nuked them with chemicals. 3 months later I have found fresh bites on my son (and the culprit hopping across his face!) I really want to avoid using any more chemicals but none of the natural methods I have used have worked. We have removed all but one carpet from the house and have no pets and I frequently vacum and clean with citronella oil. I am running out of ideas -...
By putting a 6x in water and stirring it a few times will make it stronger - 30x. You really should see a homeopath before you get any shots as it can take time strengthen your childs immune system with any remedy and one dose may not be enough.
My deck is fantastic. We had it built last summer so I made sure the rail was abot 4 foot high and the gaps were not going to accomodate any inquisitive heads!. It has a gate and has never given us any splinters, it's forgiving if they fall, it's warm, non slip and my son loves it. In the summer he has an old bit of carpet and some cushions down for sitting down play, he can play with sand, water, paints, food! anything really and it does'nt matter as I can just sweep...
After 5 years on a sprung mattress I recently bought a new bed, a wooden slatted base and a latex mattress. Latex is a natural product, dust mites can't live in it, it distributes weight evenly (no roll together),it is silent (no creaky springs) and above all it is sooooo comfortable. I got mine from a company called dunlopillo and it cost about £1300 (in UK). I can honestly say I will never have any other type of bed and it is the best investment I have made!!
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