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Thursday night the internet started acting up. I lost my connection. I figured it was just a problem with my puter, so I went to bed. The next day I was hanging out with a computer geek friend and we went to a computer store. They both mentioned something about internet problems going on. They said it's been happening all over the north east and possibly further out. Even the computer store's electronic doors were wonky. The cash registers weren't working properly. My...
Nursing (first semester Associates right now, prerequisites already taken)
I say it with a T. Without the T makes the speaker sound uneducated.
Heh. That's not too bad. My BF is quirky. 179 IQ. OCD. Gamer and computer geek. He likes RPGs and Magic the Gathering. VERY off sense of humor (necrophilia, violence, death, etc.). He's a juggalo. SubGenius. Very negative, but in a silly joking way. Anti-government, anti-religion. His idol is Dr. Cox from Scrubs. But everybody loves him. I don't get it. He can be such a jerk. I guess it's because he's so darned good looking. : I'm not even joking there. I...
I live in a small town. Well, it has a 30,000 population. But, that's pretty small. It really depends on the neighborhood you're in here. Here's the breakdown for the entire city: White Non-Hispanic (89.0%) Hispanic (4.9%) Black (3.4%) Two or more races (2.2%) Other race (1.8%) American Indian (1.2%) But, for the local elementary school (which reflects more on this particular neighborhood's diversity), it's like this: American Indian or Alaska...
I have several friends, a lot of acquaintances, and many in between acquaintances and friends. I'm going to add some pictures of some of my friends to my photoblog (see my sig) tonight. Friend pics added.
An allergy of some sort.
The tribe name is preferred. I'm ¼ Cherokee. I prefer saying Cherokee when referring to my ancestors. The only person I ever spoke with who had a strong preference insisted it was "Indian" and not "Native American". There's the National Museum of the American Indian, the American Indian Heritage Foundation, the American Indian College Fund, the Institute of American Indian Arts... the list goes on. American Indian tends to be the preferred method of referring to...
Ohhhh, I soooo wish I had paypal.
Oh yeah, and for random baby doll naming and playing pretend, my DDs always resort to Sally and Molo. Sally is their favorite name.
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