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I'll PM you. Anyone else looking for us (we're missing mamas still) PM me.
nursing bras? bravado, glamourmom, etc
actually the true range of normal is 38-42 weeks (and yes, 41w1d for 1st timers). i'm so glad you are going to get a doula! check in your tribe here and i bet you can find some names. i think michigan is pretty good in their birthing laws so it would definitely be worth calling the birth centers and asking if they accept medicaid. good job doing everything you can to get the birthing experience you want!!
send andysqueen a pm to get on the facebook group, come join us! we just moved a little early. hopefuljoy, what a lovely story! i can't see your pics, but i love the one at the end of your story with tired parents and a brand new tiny baby, wonderful!!! come join us!
please, please, please get a doula. someone who knows how birth *really* happens in your hospital and how your doc group *really* practices will be a huge asset for you in knowing how to prepare. she will also be a great resource for questions and be there to assist and remind you while you're in labor. she can also help you stay at home in early labor which is one of the very best things you can do for yourself to limit interventions. stay out of the hospital until...
way too long, it should fit on an index card to be most effective and to get read. i would do something like this: I am using hypnosis, for this reason, please discuss any interventions with my husband in the hall so as not to disturb my relaxation. I want to push as directed by my body and in positions I find helpful. I do not consent to an episiotomy, discuss it with me if you feel it is necessary. I want the baby to be placed immediately on my chest and remain...
StellaNuova, this is the one I purchased. I really liked how adjustable and how wide it was. Just for fun to see my changes over my 3 births i looked up the other 2. This is my 5 year old's hospital birth and my almost 3 year old's home birth with a midwife.
Very scary! I'm glad you are okay!!!!
definitely, not full time though
yes it's a long time but def doesn't mean any thing is wrong!  i've had that for my last 2 pregnancies and i totally understand that it's frustrating!  i'd wait until tues am for castor oil.  give the acupuncture a chance 1st.   then i'd check out what ina may says in guide to childbirth.  i hear a shake or smootie is good as is cooking it with scrambled eggs, well, as good as castor oil can be i guess!  good luck!  hopefully babe is here before you have a chance to try...
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