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I second the honey baked lentils. They are fantastic. I sometimes serve them with brown rice and a lot of time I throw carrots and potatoes in with the lentils in the same pot. I think I'm going to try putting squash or sweet potato in there too. Pasta dishes are also one where you don't tend to miss the meat.
I'm glad you were able to work something out. At our school, the K students stay with their teacher until the teacher sees each and every one of them go with a parent. Now the other grades do get released and then if the parent wants total supervision of their child, then they have to be there at the gate when the child gets out. I am just early and wait for ds to walk out the back gate.
Well, I'll be the odd one out and say I don't really limit my kids pretend play as long as they aren't hurting anyone or saying mean things that we don't allow. My kids have never really developed a gun obsession. They like to play with super soakers in the summer, but more for the water play aspect of it. Now light sabers are a different story. They LOVE those. If it wasn't light sabers, it would be sticks and those are probably more dangerous in terms of someone...
I would probably find a play based preschool to send him to instead if it's the program that he doesn't like and not the being away from you. It sounds like maybe he'd enjoy playing with the other kids, but more on his terms. Developmental (play based) preschool has been great for all of my kids.
Looks about right to me. Our K list was actually a bit more than that, including things like 35 mm film for the teacher to take pictures with. At the end of the year she gave each child an album filled with pictures and a dvd with pictures set to music in addition to many other books and portfolios of ds's work that he'd done throughout the year. We also had a $20 lab fee at the beginning of the year. I just spent $100 on the supply list for my 2 children and that...
It sounds like the OP has been consenting to flouride treatments for years and this is the first time this has ever happened. I'm not sure what you mean by consenting to "topical" flouride treatments and this being something different. The flouride treatments given at the dentists office *are* topical treatments. I remember when I was young, I threw up after a flouride treatment once. I didn't swallow. It was a flouride rinse that I had to swish in my mouth and I did...
I'm the opposite. I can't wait for Fridays to roll around because he'll be home for the whole weekend. I'm especially psyched for this weekend because it's Memorial Day weekend and he'll be home Monday. He's a huge help with the kids and my best friend. I do like my routine during the week too though.
[QUOTE=dhinderliter;11182996]i understand your pain! it does seem bass ackwards to me as well...more tax liability means you make more means you get more....make less get less...weirdos! [QUOTE] More tax liability means you put in more, so you get back more. I'm a sahm and according to our tax guy, we should be getting the full amount back. $1200 for the two of us, $300 for each of our 3 kids. Ours is just going into savings to put back the money we used to pay...
I heard a talk given by Dr. Sears where he reccommended these vitamins http://www.juiceplus.com/nsa/pages/Welcome.soa. I have heard good things about them from other people too. If she won't eat veggies and is low on the nutrients found in vegetables, it might be worth looking into.
Quote: Originally Posted by littleaugustbaby There's absolutely no health benefit to eating meat over a plant-based diet. Especially for a person who has high cholesterol. She didn't mention the cholesterol until later. She mentioned health concerns related to cutting out eggs in the initial post so that is what I was going off of. The stuff about her eating school lunch, and the nutritionists advice came in later.
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