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If it's affecting her health, and she already has the deck stacked against her on that one, I would not only continue to give her eggs but fix meat for her as well. I know that most here will not share that opinion, but I just wanted to share what I would do in that situation. My kids health comes first, before the ethics involved with animal product consumption.
I've never heard about detox with going veg. I recently went veg and had absolutely no negative symptoms. It isn't like when you cut out coffee or sugar and get headaches at first.
Thanks, that's helpful! I was reading it as vegan, but it really encompasses both.
My curiosity is killing me Why do a lot of posters here type out veg*n instead of vegan? Is there some significance behind it? At first I thought it was just a typo, but it's so prevalent. Can someone satisfy my curiosity?
I'm so sorry. I think it's terrible that your husband is trying to get you to get a job just so that his mother can stay at home with the baby. Like you said, nannying is the same as sahming anyway. My mom is 58 and works 12 hour shifts in a hospital as a respiratory therapist. She doesn't consider herself old and is no where near ready to quit her job.
We cook from scratch most nights. I don't think it's difficult to cook from scratch, it just depends on what you make. I also will sometimes take shortcuts like canned tomatoes in recipes where I am going to be cooking them anyway. My kids are a little older than some of yours (two school age kids and 1 3 yr old), so finding the time is not difficult. I do most of the cooking but sometimes dh will have something he wants to make. He gets home when I am making dinner...
I just realized I didn't even answer the original question, LOL. No, I really don't know anyone who spends 200-300 dollars a month on working out. I'm sure there are people who do, but it isn't the norm, even in my very high income, high cost of living area. It's not like you physically can not lose weight without doing that. If you have the money and feel like it would really help though, then you should do what works for you.
I think it's personal. It's about what will keep you motivated. Right now I feel like I need WW to help me lose weight, but not everyone does. That is $48 a month. Then I pay $75 a month for a yoga studio unlimited pass. That isn't exactly weight loss related but could be. I also run, with a jogging stroller. Stroller was $65 on Craigslist and a one time cost. I paid around $100 for the shoes, which will probably last me a year. I run in old clothes, nothing...
Pasta dishes are good. Penne with vodka sauce or I make this one with those trupet shaped pasta, olive oil and butter (little of each), garlic, arugula, parmesean, and grape or cherry tomatoes.
I also think it was not very nice of her to judge you for killing the spider. Judgement from our friends doesn't feel very good and I can see where you were coming from in making the comment about the meat eating. I sometimes kill spiders too when they are in my house, but yet when my kids find a bug outside and want to smoosh it, just for the heck of it, I don't allow them to. That's probably hypocritical of me to an extent, but one is a case of me wanting to get the...
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