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I was hoping to get some input on Bumpkins overnight bedwetter pants. Does anyone know how they compare to the Motherease bedwetters (more or less absorbant?). I have two bedwetters, a 4 and a 5 year old and their ped says this could be going on until they are 8 so I figure I better invest in a few more pairs. We have 4 Motherease and are still relying on Goodnights disposables after two days, since I only wash diapers once every 4-5 days. TIA!
Quote: Originally Posted by Daisyuk Just as a matter of interest, what emergency medication would anyone refuse on grounds of conscience to a child? Edited to ask further question. I'm not sure, but that was the line of logic being used by the other poster.
Quote: Originally Posted by boingo82 At the same time, when it's absolutely imperative that the prescription be filled within a 12 hour or 36 hour or something window, things get really tricky. Maybe the best thing is to have somebody on staff who is willing to dispense the prescription, that can be called in if necessary. There must be pro-choicer pharmacists out there who'd be willing to do that. Ita.
Quote: Originally Posted by eightyferrettoes The person being circumcised isn't requesting that service. The person requesting the prescription filling is requesting service. Apples and orangutans, IMO. So it's okay for the pharmacist to refuse to provide a medication to your child if it goes against his or her personal beliefs?
It varies so much by group. The mission of LLL is to provide support to ALL bfing moms, not just AP ones. In the group I used to go to, not everyone was AP.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chloe1961 I don't think I would go along with this, but that might be just me. . It's not just you I agree with your posts. I have no problem with nursing in public, I do it all the time, but going into a circle time and saying, "Okay boys and girls let's all watch Will's mommy nurse" would be something that I'd not be comfortable doing. I bring my baby into the classroom all the time since I work in the class...
For some reason, the idea of the teacher requesting that you nurse your baby or bathe him as some sort of sideshow for the class has me Maybe the request is not as odd as it sounds. I know the kids at ds school love it when I bring the baby, but I've certainly never gone up in front of the class to nurse or change a dirty diaper
It is important to me that we establish our own xmas traditions here at home and wake up and have xmas morning under our own tree, so we have stayed at home every year. My mom just moved out of state, but knows not to expect us for holidays and dh's family lives an hour and a half away and we do go visit them on xmas day. If it came down to it though, we wouldn't travel and make the rounds like that because I'd end up resenting it, like I was having to give up xmas with...
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan It may be designed for use with multiples? Funny you should mention that. I saw a mom in the park with twins using one of these gadgets. The bottle "slings" and she had them hanging from the carseats: I never saw those kids come out of thier carseats and I saw them every week because her playgroup met the same day as mine. She AND Dad were at the park that day, just sitting there while the babies...
Quote: Originally Posted by jeanine123 How about this "gem". Found it less than a week after the AAP's paci recommendations. http://www.sweetbinkiekiss.com/ That doesn't look safe! It looks like a GAG for a baby
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